BT763 O9 1677

162 The V fe of Faztb in yufii fcatiorì fiate and condition. Such perlons have and ought to have other defigns and defires allo. For whereas the fiate where- in they are antecedent unto their Juftification, is not only a Rate of Guilt and Wrath, but fuch alto as wherein through the Depravation of their Nature, the power of fin is preva- knt in then, and their whole Souls are defiled, they defign and delire not only to be juflifed, but to be fanUifed alfb. But as unto the Guilt of fin, and the want of a Righteouf nefs before God, from which Juftification is. their Relief, herein I fay they have refpe6t unto. Chrift as let forth to be a Propitiation through Faith in his Blood. In their Defign for SanClifcation they have refpeec unto the Kingly and Prophe- tical Offices of Chrift, in their efpecial exercifè. But as to their freedom from the Guilt of fin, and their Acceptance with God, or their ytsflification in his fight, that they may be freed from condemnation, that they may not come into, judgment ; it is Chrift crucified, it is Chrift lifted up as the brazen Serpent in the Wildernef, it is the Blood of Chrift;, it . is the Propitiation that he was, and the Atonement that be made, it is his bearing their fins, his being made fin and the curie for them, it is his Obedience,, the End which he put unto fin, and the Everlafting Righteoufnefs which he brought in, that alone their Faith doth fix upon and acqui- efce in.. If it be otherwife in the Experience of any,. I ac- knowledge I am not acquainted with it I do not fay that Conviction of fin is the only antecedent Condition of aétual jufiification. But this it is that makes a fanner firbjeturn capax Juflificationis. No man therefore is to be confidered as a perlon to be Juftified, but he who is a&ually under the power of the Convtion of fin, with all the.neceffary confequents thereof. Suppofe therefore any 'fanner in this Condition, as it is defcribed by the . Apoftle, Ram. 3. Guilty before God, with his mouth flopped as unto any pleas, defences or. excufes ; fuppofe him- to feeltafter.. a Relief_: and Deliverance out of this