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decial Objeti farther cleared. 161 eourfe of his Obedience, his Refurre(lion, Afeen(lon, Exaltation and leered-ion. For the Confideration of all thefe things is infeparable from the Difcharge of his Priefily Office. And therefore is Justification either exprefly or virtually affigned unto them alfo,Gen.3.15. i joh.3.8. Heb.2.1 3,14,15,16. Rom. 4.25. At1. 5.31. Heb.7.27. Rom.8.34. But yet wherever our Juftification is fo affigned unto them, they are not abfolutely confidered, but with relpe ±unto their relation to his Sacrifice and Satisfa&ion. (3) All the means of the Application of the Sacrifice and Righteoufnefs of the Lord Chrift unto us are alfo included therein. Such is the principal Efficient caufe thereof which is the Holy Ghoft, whence we are laid to be juftifed in the Name of our Lord yefus Chrifl, and by the Spi- rit of our God, 1 Cor. 6. i I. and the infirumental caufe thereof on the part of God, which is the Promife of the Go f f el, Rom. I. 17. Gal. 3. 22, 23. It would therefore be unduly pretended, that by this Affertion we do narrow or ftraiten the Objet of Justifying Faith as it Juftifies. For indeed we affign a refpeét unto the whole Mediatory Office of Chrift, not excluding the Kingly and Prophetical parts there- of; but only fuch a. notion Of them, as would not bring in more of Christ, but much of our felves into our Juftification. And the Aflertion as laid down may be proved. I. From the Experience of all that are juftified, or do Peek for Juftification according unto the Gospel. For under this notion of feeking for Justification, or a Righteoufnefs unto Juftification, they were all of them to be confidered, and do confider themfelves as v? t coi Tw eS , guilty before God, fubjeEt, obnoxious, liable unto his wrath in the curie of the Law ; as we declared in the Entrance of this Difcourfe, Rom. 3.19. They were all in the fame ftate that Adam was in after the Fall, unto whom God propofed the Relief of the In- carnation and Suffering of Christ, Gen. 3. 15. And to Peek after Justification is to leek after a difcharge from this wouul Y fiate