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CHAP. XII, Imputation of the Obedience of Chrifi, no left necef ry then that of his fufjering on the fame Ground. ObjeElions againfi it. i. That it is impojJìble. Management hereof by Socinus. Ground of this Objection, That the Lord Chrifi was for himfe f obliged unto all the Obedience he yielded unto God, and performed it for himfelf, anfwered. The Obedience inquired after, the Obedi- ence of the Perfon of Chrifi the Son of God. In his whole Perfon, Chrifi was not under the Law. He defign`ed the Obe- dience he performed, for us not for himfelf. This Aîlual Obedi- ence not necejry as a qualifrcation.of his Perfon, unto the dif charge of his Office. The Foundation of this Obedience in his being made Man,and of the Pofierity of Abraham,notfor himfelf, but for us. Right of the Humane Nature unto Glory, by virtue of Anion. Obedience neceffary unto the Humane Nature, as thrift in it was made under the Law. This Obedient: properly for us. Infiances of that nature among Men. Chrifi obeyed as a public(Perfon ; and fo not for himfelf. Humane Nature of Chrifi fubjeli unto the Law, as an Eternal Rule of dependance on God, andfubjellion to him ; ,not as prefcribed unto us whilefi we are in this World in order unto our future Blegednef; or Reward. Second'Obje&lion, that it is of left, anfwered. He that is pardoned all his fins, is not thereon of e_emed to have done all that is required of him. Not to be unrighteous, Negative y ; not the fame with being righteous, Po(itively. The Lam obligeth both unto punifhmeat and obedience ; h. om, and in whatfenfe. Pardon of Sin gives no title to Eternal Life. The Righteoufne of Chrifi who is one, imputed unto many. Arguments proving the Imputation of the Obedience of Chrig, unto the Jufiifrcation of Life. Pag. 361. CHAP.