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Chrifl, imputed Onto them. Occafions of Exceptions and Ob- jeelions again this Doe nine. General Objections examined. Imputation of the Righteoufnefi of Chrifi ; conf1ent with the Free Pardon of Sin, with the necety of Evangelical Repent- ance. Method of Gods Grace in our Juflification. Neceffity of Faith unto yuflifîcation, on fuppoftion of the Imputation of the Righteoufnefi of Chr fi. Grounds of that Necepy. Other Ob- jec`tions arifing moflly from miflaltes of the Truth, alerted, dif- cufd and anfwered. Pag. 289. CHAP. X. Arguments for Juflification by the Imputation of the Righte- oufnef of Chrifl. Our own Perfonal Righteoufneß, not that on the account whereof we are juflified in the fight of God. Dif claimed in the Scripture, as to any filch end. The truth and reality of it granted. Manifold Imperfections accompanying it, rendering it unmeet to be a Righteoufneß unto the Jufliffca- tionof Life. Pag. 315. CHAP. X I. Nature of the Obedience or Righteoufnefi required unto 7u i- Ration. Original and Caul s of the Law of Creation. The Sub- fiance and End of that Law. The Immutability or unchange- ablenep of it, confidered abfolutely ; and as it was the Infirm- ment of the Covenant between God and Man. Arguments to prove it unchangeable ; and its Obligation unto the Righteouf- nef?firfl required, perpetually in force. Therefore not abrogated, not difenfed withal, not derogated from, but accomplifb ed. This alone by Chrifl, and the Imputation of his Righteoufney unto of. Pag. 340. b z CHAP.