BT763 O9 1677

.6 General Conßder ationc prevìóuf y necefiary tuated. Hence when any Difference in Religion is, in the purfuit of Controverfies about it, brought into the field of .Metaphyfical Refpetls and Pbilofoph. ical terms whereof there is füfficient provifion for the fupply of the Combatants on both fides, the truth for the moll part, as unto any concernment of the fouls of men therein, is utterly loft, and buried in the rubbifh of fenfèlefs and unprofitable words. And thus in parsticular, thofe who fèem to be well enough agreed in the whole Doétrine of juflifrcation, fo far as the Scripture goeth before them, and the Experience of Believers keeps them company, when once they ingage into their Phi - lr f phical Definitions and Difiindions, are at fuch an irrecon- cilable variance among themfelves, as if they were agreed on no one thing that doth concern it. For as men have various ap- prehenfions in coining fuch Definitions as may be defenfible againft Obje &ions, which moil men aim at therein : So no Proportion can be fo plain (at leaft in materia probabili) but that a man ordinarily verfed in Pedagogical Terms and Meta - phy f al Notions, may multiply Diftinftions on every word of it. 8. Hence there hath been a pretence and appearance of twenty feveral Opinions among Proteftants about Juftification, as Bellar mine and Vafquez, and others of the Papifts charge it againft them out of O(iander, when the Faith of them all was one and the famé , Bellar. lib. 5. cap. 1. Ilafq. in I. 2. kiefl'. 113. difp. 202. whereof we (hall fpeak elfewhere. When men are once advanced into that field of Difputation, which is all overgrown with thorns of fubtilties, perplexed notions, and futilous terms of Art, they confider principally how they may entangle others in it,fcarce at all how they may get out of it themfelves. And in this pofture they oftentimes utterly forget the bufinefs which they are about, efpecially in this matter of 7a flification ; namely how a guilty Sinner may come to obtain Favour and Acceptance with God. And f not