BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Doarine, &e. 17 God, Dan. 9. 7, 18, 19. Or that of the Pfalmifl, Ea ter not into 7udsement with thy f rvant 0 Lord, for in thy tight fhall ro man living le juflifiêd, Pfal. 143. 2. Or, If thou Lord markIniquity, Lord who fhallfand; but there is forgivenefs with thee that thou mail be feared, Pfa1. 13o. 2,3,4. On which words, the Expofition of 2471flin is remarkable, (peaking of David, and applying it unto himfelf. Ecce clarat fub moli- bus iniquitatum f arum. Circumfexit f, circumfßexit vitam Puant, vidit illam undiq; flagitiis coopertam, quacunq; refßexit, nihil in fi boni invenit : Et cum tanta 6- tam multa precata undiq; videret, tanquam expavefeens, exclamavit, f iniquitates objervaris Dómine, quis fuflinebit ? vidit enim prope tctam vi tam human= circumlatrari peçcatis ; acciifari omnes con(ien- tias cogitationibus fais, non inveniri Cor Callum prefumens de juflitia,quod quia inveniri non poteft, pmfumat ergo omnium Cor de mifericerdia Domini Dei fui, & dicat Deo, (' iniquitates ob- f rvaris Domine, Domine quis fuf inebit ? Rui auteur eft fies? quoniam apud te propititttio eft. And whereas we may - and ought to reprefent unto God in our Supplications our Faith, or what it is that we believe herein, I much queftion, whether föme men can find in their hearts to pray over and plead be- fore hím,all the Arguments and Diftin &ions they make ufe of to prove the intereft of our Works and Obedience in our Juftification before him, or enter into judgement with him upon the conclufions which they make from them. _ Nor will many be fatisfied to make ufe of that Prayer which Pelagiais taught the Widow, as it was objected to him in the Diaffioli- tan Synod. Tu noftì Domine quam fanae, quam innocentes, quam pine ab omni fraude & rapin quas ad te expando Manus ; quam jufta, quam immaculata labia 6, ab omni mendacio libera, quibus tibi ut m ?ht mi ferearis preces fundo.. Thou k iowefl, 0 Lord, how holy, how innocent,how purefrom all deceit and rapine are the hands which I ftretch forth unto thee ; how juft, how unfßotted with evil, how free from lying are thof lips wherewith I pour D forth