BT763 O9 1677

16 General Confider, ationc previoi illy necef arry ,4mtrofe to the Cane purpofe, Nemo ergo fbi arroget, nemo de meritis glorietur, nemo de poteflate fe jae`let, omnes #eremue per Domintim Jefum mifericordiam invenire, guoniam omnes ante Tribunal ejus f abimsts, de illo veniam, de'illo indulgentiam po- flulabo, guenamfJes alia peccatoribro, in Pfal. I I 9. Rea Let no man arrogate any thing unto himfelf, let no man glory 'in his own merits or good deeds, let no man boa -of his power, let us fl all hope to find mercy by our Lord Jefus, we 'hall all 'land be- fore his judgment -feat. Of him will Ibeg pardon, of him will I de(re Indulgence, what other hope is there for (i nners ? Wherefore if men will be turned off from 'a continual re- gard unto the Greatnefs, Holinefs, and Majefty of God, by their Inventions-in the Heat of Difputation, if they do for - get á Reverential Confideration of what will become them, and what they may betake themfelves unto, when they Rand before his Tribunal, they may ingage into fuch apprehenfions, as they dare not abide, by in their own perfonal Trial. For how fh. all man be full with God ? Hence it hath been obfer- ved, that the School-men themfelves in their Meditations and Devotional writings, wherein they had immediate thoughts of God with whom they had to do, did fpeak quite another Language as to Juftification before God, then they do in their wrangling Philofophical fiery Diíputes about it. And I had rather learn what force men really judge about their own Juftification from their prayers, then their writings. Nor do I remember, that I did ever hear any good man in his prayers, ufe any expreffions about 7uJ1if cation, pardon of fin, and Righteoufnefs before God, wherein any plea from any thing in our (elves was introduced' or made ufe of. The Prayer of Daniel hath in this matter been the fùbftance of their Supplications. 0 Lord! Righteoufnefi belóngeth unto thee, but unto us contrition of faces ; we do not preterit our Sup- plications before thee for our own Righteoufnefs, but for thy great mercies, O Lord hear, 0 Lord forgive, for thine own fake O my God,