BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the DoSrine, &c. 19 us, the Method which he prefcribeth, and the Ends \ hitch he defigneth, are thole which we £hall chufe to follow. And, He layette it down in general, That the Righteoufj`nef of God is revealedfom Faith to Faith and that the juil fhall live by Faith ; chap. I. 17. But he declares not in particular the caufes, nature, and way of our Juflification, until he path fully evinced that all men are {hut up under this Rate of fin, and manifcfled how deplorable their Condition is thereby. And in the Ignorance of thefe things, in the denying or pal- liating of them, lyeth the foundation of all mis- belief about the Grace of God. Pelagianifin in its firft Root, and all its prefent Branches, is revolved thereinto. For not apprehen- ding the dread of our Original .Apoflacy from God, nor the con£equents of it in the univerfàl Depravation of our Na- ture, they difown any neceffity either of the Satisfaaion of Chrifl, or the Efficacy of Divine Grace for our Recovery or Reftauration. So upon the matter the principal Ends of the Million both of the Son of God, and of the Holy Spirit, are renounced; which iffues in the denial of the Deity of the one and the Perfonality of the other. The Fall whichwe had being not great, and the .Difeeaf contra&ed thereby being eafily curable, and there being little or no evil in thefe things which are now unavoidable unto our nature, it is no great matter to be freed or juflified from all, by a meer aft of Fa, your on our own Endeavours ; nor is the Efficacious Grace of God any way needful Canto our Sanftification and Obe- dience, as thefe men fup} ofe. Where thefe or the like conceits are admitted, and the minds of men by them kept off from a due apprehenfion of the State and Guilt of fin, and their Confcierices from being ifleCted with the terrour of the Lord and curie of the 1. aw thereon ; Juflification is a notion to be dealt with; ll plea - fantly or fubtilly as men fee occafion. And hence arifc the Differences about it at frefent, I mean thole which are really D 2 fuch,