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2 0 General Gonf derations previoufly nece iry filch, and not meerly the different ways whereby Learned men exprefs their thoughts and apprehenfions concer- ning it. By fome the Imputation of the aétual Apoftafie and Tranf- greffion of Adam the head of our nature, whereby his fin became the fin of the world, is utterly denied. Hereby both the ground the Apofile proceedeth on, in evincing the ne- ceffity of our Juftification, or our being made Righteous by the Obedience of another, and all the Arguments brought in the Confirmation of the Doctrine of it, in the fifth Chapter of his Epiftle to the Romans are evaded and overthrown. Socinus de Servator. par. 4. cap. 6. cónfeffeth that place to give great countenance unto the Do trine of Juftification by the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift. :And there- fore he Pets himfelf to oppofe_ with fundry Artifi?es the Im- putation of the fin of Adam unto his natural pofterity. For he perceived well enough that upon the Admiffion thereof; the Imputation of the Righteoufnefs of Chrift unto his ftiritual feed, would unavoidably follow according unto the Tenour of the Apoftles Difcourfè. Some deny the Depravation and Corruption of our Nature which enfued on our Apoftafie from God, and the lofs of his Image. Or if they do not abfolutely deny it, yet they fo ex- tenuate it as to render it a matter of no great concern un- to us. Some Difeafi and Diftemper of the Soul they will ac- knowledge, arifing from the diforder of our AffeCtions, whereby we are apt to receive in fuch vitious habits and cu- ftoms, as are in practice in the world. And as the Guilt here- of is not much, fo the danger of it is not great. And as for any fpiritual filth or flain of our nature that is in it, it is clear wafhed away from all by Baptifm. That Deformity of Soul which came upon us in the lofs of the Image of God, wherein the Beauty and Harmony of all our faculties in all their ACtings in order unto their utmolt End, did con- fift 5