BT763 O9 1677

444 General Confiderationf prey ouf ly nece f jfary there are who have lived and died in the Communion of the Church of Rome it felt that have given their Teftimony un- to this Truth. So fpeaks Taulerais; Meditat. vite Chre. cap. 7. Chriftus omnia mundi peccata inf recepit, tantumq; pro illis nitrofibi affumpfit dolorem cordis ac f ipfe ea perpetrafiet. Chrift took upon him all the fins of the World, and. willingly underwent that grief of heart for them, as if he himfelf had committed them. And again fpeaking in the perfon of Chrift. .\uandoquidem peccatum Adze multum abire non pote, obfecro te Pater Creleflis, ut ipfum in me vindices. Ego enim omnia illius peccata in me recipio. Si hec ire tempefias, propter me òrta e ,.. mitte me in mare amarime palliönis. Whereas the great in of Adam cannot go away,. I befeech thee Heavenly Father punifh it in me. For I take. all his fins upon my felf. If then this Tempefl of Anger be rifin for me, call me into the Sea of my moft bitter paon. See in the Juf ification of there Expref- fions, Heb. 1o. 5,. 6, 7, 8,. 9, i o.. The Difcourfe of Alber.tes., Pighius tathis purpofe, though often cited and urged, íhä11, be once again repeated, both for its Worth and Truth, as.alfo to let forne men fee, how fondly they have pleafed themfelves in refleing on fome Expreffions of mine, as though I had been fingular in them. His words are, after others to the Glue purpofe ; Auoniam quidem inquit ( Apojtolus ,) Dens erat in Chrifio, mundum reconcilians fibi, non imputons homi- vibus fua delicia ; Et depofuit apud nos verbum reeonciliationis, In ilia ergo juftifcamur coram Deo, non in nobis; non noftra fed dills ju itia, que nobis cum illo jam communicantibus im- iutatur.. Proprie juf itize inopec, extra nos, in illo docemui juftit.iam querere. um, inquit, qui peccatum non noverat, pro nobis peccatum feci 5 hoc eft, hofliam peccati expiatricem,:,ut nos efficeremur Juftitia Dei in ipfo, non nofira, fed Dei juftitia, ja f i efficimur in Chriflo, quo jure ? Amieiti e, quae'communio- nem omnium inter amicos Tacit, juxta vetos 1 celebratijmum provsrbiun ; Chrifto iertis,, conglutinat4 antis ° fua noftra