BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Dodrirae, &ca 43 Amt. r M'1 yvóvzaáivaçrlaw 'va xj macs v,i,c4pAct, xx t;7n, d ív tot, dlyxci n Atvoaevn, XJ ï d)>otoaúvn. @sx 75 Ëssv au771, ó7av (uñ'4'Q1av ( 3;04 x)l í dtc áváyxn Tina 1.4 s uQn @ñvcu) án?' aaç ?ád1 zcaa álCapr íx Égavísat. in 2 Eppift. ad Corinth. cap. 5. Horn. i i. What word, what fieech is this, what mind can comprehend or expre fs'it 5 Fcr he faith he made him who was Righteous to be made a Sinner, that he might make finners Righteous ; nor yet cloth he fay (o nei- ther, but that which is far more fublime and excellent. For he 'peaks not of an inclination or af}èClion, but expreffth the quality it fel f. For he fays not, he made him a Snner, but fin, that we might be made not meerly Righteous but .Righteouf, of and that the Righteoufnefs' of God, when we are ju flified not by works, ( for if roe fhould, there muff be no f f of found in them) but by Grace, whereby all fin is blotted out. So Bernard alto Epi fl. 190. ad Innocent. Homo qui debuit, homo qui folvit. Nam fi unes, inqùit, pro omnibus mort uns eft, ergo omnes mortui flint' ; ut videlicet fatisfatiio twins omnibus imputetur, ficut omnium peccata unes ille portavit. Nec alter jam inveniatur qui foras fecit, alter qui fatis fecit ; quia Caput 6, Corpus unus ell Chr flus. And many more fpeak unto the fame purpofè. Hence Luther before he engaged in theWork of Reformation, in an Epi- ftle to one George Spenlein a Monk, was not afraid to write after this manner; Mi dulcis fiater, dif e Chriflum & hunt crucifixion, dice ei cantare, & de teipf defperans dicere ei; Tt Domine yeti esju,f itia urea, ego auteur firm peccatum tuum; tu affumpfi meum, &dedifli mihi tuum, affusnpfìfii quod non eras, 6, clediffi mihi quod non eram. Ipfe fufcepit te 6, peccata tua fècit fu, &i Exam juflitiainfècit tuam ; maledi1us qui hzec non_ credit. Epift. An. 1516. Tom. I. If thole who {hew themfelves now fo quarrelfome almoft about every word that is fpoken concerning Chrift and his Righteoufnefs, had ever been hárraffed in their Confciences about the Guilt of fin, as this man was, they would think it no ftrange matter to fpeak and write as he did. Yea Ibme G 2 there