BT763 O9 1677

5 6 General Con f derations previoufly necefsary original state, and as now corrupted, is repugnant unto the whole Intodu &ion of Grace by Chrift into our Relation un- to God, Rom. 8. 7. An Endeavour therefore to reduce the Do6trine of the Gofpel, or what is declared therein, con - cerning the hidden myfiery of the Grace of God in Chrift, unto the principles and inclinations of the minds of men, or Reason as it remains in-us after the Entrance of fin, under the power at leaft of thole notions and conceptions of things Religious, which it retains from its firft state and condition, is to dèbafe and corrupt them, ,( as we (hall fee in fundry In- ftanccs) and f make way for their Rejation. Hence very difficult it is to keep up doctrinally and prácli- cally the minds of men unto theReality and Spiritual height of this myftery. For men naturally do neither underftaud it, nor like it. And therefore every attempt to accommo- date it unto the principles arid inbred notions of corrupt Reafon is very acceptable unto many, yea unto the molt. For the things which filch men fpeak and declare, are without more ado, without any exercife of Faith or Prayer, without any supernatural llurnination, eafily intelligible, and expofed to the common fenfe of mankind. But whereas a Declara- tion of the inyfleries of the Gofpel can obtain no Admiífion into the minds of men but by the effe&ual working of the Spirit of God, Ephef. i. i 7, i 8, i 9. it is generally looked on as difficult, perplexed, unintelligible; and even the minds of many who find they cannot contracdiec it, are yet not at all delighted with it. And here lyeth the Advantage of all them who in thefe days do attempt to corrupt the Do &rine of the Gofpel in the whole or any part of it, for the accom- modation of it unto the common notions of corrupted Rea - fon, is the whole of what they defign. And in the confidence of the fuffrage hereof, they not only oppofe the things them- selves, but defpifè the Declarations of them as Enthulìaflical canting. " And by nothing do they more prevail themfelves, then