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to the Explanation of the Doífrine, Etc. 57 then by a pretence of reducing all things to Reafon, and a contempt of what they oppofe as unintelligible Fanaticifm. But I am not more fatisfied in any thing of the molt un- controulable Evidence, then that the Underitandings of thefe men- is no júft meafure or ftandard of Spiritual Truth. Where- fore notwithflanding all this fiercenefs and fcorn, with the pretended Advantages which fome think they have made by traducing Expreffions in the writings of Come men, it may be improper, it may be only not fluted unto their own genius and capacity in thefe things, we are not to be afhamed of the Go #el of Chrift, which is the power of God unto Salvation to every one that believeth. Of this Repugnancy unto the myf ery of the Wifdom and Grace of God in Chrift, and the Foundation of its whole °economy in the diftin& operations of the Perf ns of the Holy Trinity therein, there are two parts or branches. i. That which would reduce the whole of' it unto thepri- vate Reafon of men, and their own weak imperfect man - nagement thereof. This is the entire defign of the Socinians. Hence, T. The DoCtrine of the Trinity it felf is denied, impugned, yea derided by them, and that folely on this Account. They plead that it is incomprehenfible by Reafon; for there is in that Doctrine, a Declaration of things abfolutely infinite and eternal, which cannot be exemplified in, nor accommodated unto things finite and temporal. This is the fubftance of all their pleas againft the Doctrine of the Holy Trinity, that which gives a Teeming life and fprightly vigour to their Obje &ions againft it ; wherein yet under the pretence of the ufe and exercife of Reafon, they fall and refòlve all their reafonings . into the molt abfurd and irrational principles that ever the minds of men were befottéd withal!. For unlefs you will grant them that what is above their Reafon is therefore con- tradittory unto true Reaf n ; that what is infinite and eternal I is