BT763 O9 1677

General Confäderations previoufly necefiary .unlefs it he when their minds are.difordered by prejudices, falce opinions or temptations; have an experience in them- felves and their own practical Obedience, of the con(iflency of all parts of the myftery of Gods Grace and Truth in .Chrift among themfelves, of their fpiritual Harmony and .cogent tendency unto the fame End. The Introduction of the Grace of Chrift into our Relation unto God, makes no , confüfion or diforder in their minds, by the conflict of the _principles of natural Reafön, with refpect unto our firít _Relation unto God, and thofe of Grace with refpe&t unto that whereunto we are renewed. From the want of a due comprehenfion of this divine Harmony it is, that the minds of men are filled with Imagi- nations of an Inconfiftency between the molt important parts of the myftery of the Gofpel, from whence the confufions '..that are at this day in Chriftian Religion do proceed. Thus the Socinians can fee no confiftency between the Grace or Love of God, and the fatisfaction of Chrift, but imagine if the one of them be admitted, the other muff be excluded out of our Religion. Wherefore they principally oppofe the latter under a pretence of afferting and vindicating the former. And where thefe things are expreily conjoined in the fame propofition of Faith ; as where it is faid that we are ju ífed freely by the Grace of God, through the Redemption that is in Chrift efu-s ; whom God bath fit forth to be a propi- :,jiation through Faith in his Blood, as Rom. 3. 24, 25. they will offer violence unto common fenfe and Reafon, rather then not difturb that Harmony which they cannot underftand. For although it be plainly affirmed to be a Redemption by his Blood, as he is a propitiation, as his Blood was a Ranfome or price of Redemption, yet they will contend, there it is only metaphorical, a meer deliverance by power, like that of the If aelites by Mofes. But thefe things are clearly ftated in the Gofpel, and therefore not only confiftent, but fuch as that