BT763 O9 1677

to the Explanation of the Docriñe, &c. 63,= For whereas God made all things at firít in Wifdom, yet is the new Creation of all things by Jefus Chrift, afcribed peculiar- ly unto the Riches, Stores, and Treafures of that infinite wifdom. Neither can any difeern it unlefs they are taught of God, for it is only fpiritually difcerned. But yet is it by the molt defpifed. Some fèem to think that there is no great wifdom in it, and force that no great wifdom is required unto the comprehenfion of. it ; Few think it worth the while to fpend half that time in prayer, in meditation, in the exer- cite of Pelf denial, Mortification and Holy Obedience, doing the will of Chrift that they may know of his word to the at- taining of adue comprehenfion of the myftery of Godlinefs, ., as force do of diligence, fludy, and trial of Experiments, who defign to excell in natural or mathematical Sciences... Wherefore there are three things evident herein. I. That fuch an Harmony there is in all the, parts of the myfiery of God, wherein all the bleffed properties of the di- vine nature are glorified, our Duty in all Inftances is dire &ed and engaged, our Salvation in the way of Obedience fecured, _. and Chrift as the End of all exalted. Wherefore we are not.. only to confider and know the feveral parts of the Dodrine of fpiritual Truth, but their Relation all() one unto another, their confiftency one with another in practice, and their mu- tual furtherance of one another unto their common End. And a diforder in our Apprehenfions about any part of that, whole Beauty and Life arií'eth from its. Harmony gives : force confufion of mind with refpe& unto the whole. 2. That unto a comprehenfion of this Harmony in a due meafure, it is neceffary that we be taught of God, without,- which we can never be wife in the knowledge of the myftery of his Grace. And herein ought we to place the principal" part of our diligence in ours Enquiries into the. Truths of the Gofpel. 3. All, thole who are taught of God, to know his Will,'',. unlefs.