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Abfolttenefle ofGods Purpofes proved from Pf23.9,&c,C AP.11 L4 t8. Purpofed it, and iwillalfo doe it. The standing, or Fixedneffe andLinehan- 51 geableneffe ofhis Counfell he manifefts by the accomplifhment ofthe things, which therein he had, determined: Neither is there anySalve for his Immu- tability inhis Counfell, fhould it otherwife fall out. And if we may take his owne Teftimony of himfelfe, what he Purpofeth; that he cloth: And in the Attuall fulfilling, and the bringing about of things thernfelves Pur- poled , and asPurpofed, without any poffibility of diverfion from the re- all and intended, istheir Stability,, and Unchangeableneffe in themmanife- fted. An Imaginary Immutability in God's Purpofes, whichmay confift and be preferved under their utter Frufiration, as to the fulfilling of the things themfelves, under which they are, the Scripture knowesnot, neither can Keafon conceive. Now this Vnchangeableneffe of his Purpofes, the Lord brings as one Demonftration of his Deity, and thofe who inake them Iya- ble to Alterationupon any Account, or fuppofition whatfoever,doe depreffe himwhat in them lyes, into the number of filch DungehillGods, as he threa- tenstofamifh, and deftroy. Pfa.33.9,Io,11. Hefpakeand it Was done, he commanded and itfloodfall., g, The Lord bringeth theCounfell ofthe Heathen to nought, hemaketh the devices of the People ofnone efeEd. The c ofthe Lordfandrfor ever, the thoughtsof hisHeart to all Generations. The Production and Eftablifhinent ofall things, in that order wherein theyare, are by the Pfdlmifl afcribed to the Will, and power ofGod: By his Word, and Command, they not only are,but Stand faft;being fixt in that Order by him appointed: both the Making, Fixing,and Neb. Su.flaining ofall things,is by the Wordofhis Power. As the firft relates to their Reve1.4. rr. Being, which they have from Creation, fo the other to the orderin fubfiftence ñá.2z3 a. andOperation,which with to his Attuall Providence. Herein they Stand 4.28. fa td. Thernfelves their feverall and refpeaive relations , dependen- 32,1. cies , influences , circumftances; fuited to that Nature , and Being , which was bellowed on them by his Word in their Creation , are fet- led in an exa&correfpondency to his Purpofes ( ofwhich afterwards) not to. be (hakenor removed. Men have their Devices andCoúnfells,alfo,theyare free Agents,andworke by Counfell,and Advice; and therfore God hath not fet all things fo,fafl, as tooverturneand overbeare them, in their Imaginati- ons, and undertakings. Saith the Pfalmifl, they Imagine and vevife indeed, but their Counfell isofnought, and their Deices are ofnone often ; but the Counfell, ofthe Lord&c.The Counfell,&Purpofes of the Lord, are fet in op- pofition to theCaunfell,and Purpofes ofmen, as toAlteration, Change, and Fru.i`tration in refpeec ofthe Actuall Accomplifbment ofthe things about which they are. Their Counfells are fo, and fo: But the Counfellof theLord fall .fland;he that_ball raft v.' i. intothe ro: and fay The Counfell of theLord that comes tonought, and the thoughts of his heart, are of none effetl, let him make what pretences hewill, or flowrifhes that he can,or difplay what fup- pofalls and conditions he pleafeth, he will fcarcelybe able tokeepe thefield againft him, whowill contend with him about hisPrerogative and Glory. And this Antithefisbetween the .Counfells of men, and the Purpofes ofGod upon the Account ofVnch.angeableneffe,isagaine confirmed Prov, i9.2 i. 7here are many devices ina mans heart, nevertheleffe the Counfell ofthe Lordthat _Mall fand,Herein is thedifferencebetweene the Devices ofmen, and the Councelll$.9,io. ofGod; menhave manyDevices totry what they candoe: Ifone way take . not,they will attempt another (hâc nonfucceffit,alil aggrediemierviii) and are Iob.8.9. alwayes difappointed, but only in that, wherein they fall inwith theWill of Iob.1i. God.TheShallowneffe oftheir Vnderfanding, theShortne(feoftheirFore fight, the Weakeneffeof their Power,the' Changealeneff"e of their Minds, the Ecciees.y: H d certainty 9'12'