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TH8 DOCTRINE OF THE SAINTS PERSEVERANCE Explained and Confirmed. OR, s. Acceptation with GOD, Thecertain Permanencyoftheir & 2. Sanaification from GOD, end'itN1EESTED & TI\OVED FROM ETERNALL PRINCIPLES) The )i. a. EFFECTUALL CAUSES -Thereof. 3. EXTERNALL MEANES J I N, I. The IMMUTABILITYofthe vNature 2. Decrees 3. Covenant and q. Promues Of GOD. OBLAT ION 7 2. The and ( Of JESUS CHRIST. INTERCESSION t. Promifes 3. The S 2. Exhortations }Ofthe GOSPELL, 3. Threats J Improved in its Genuine Tendency to Obedience and Confolation. AND VINDICATED InaFull Anfwer to the Difcourfe ofMr JOH N GOODW I N againfl it, in his Book EntituledRedemption Redeemed. With fome DIGRESSIONS Concerning t. The ImmediateeffeEls of the Death of Ch rift. 2. Perfonall Indwelling of the Spirit. 3. Union with Chriff. q. Nature ofGofpell promifes, &c. ALSO A PREFACE Manifefl:ing the Judgement ofthe Antients concerning theTruth con- tended for: with a Difconrfe touching the Epiflles of1G N A T i U S; The EPISCOPACY in them Affertedc and fouie Ani- madverfions on Dr H: H: his Differtations on that Snbje&. By JOHN OW EN Servant of Jcfus Chrifi in the Worke of the Gofpell. OXFOR D, Printed by LEON. LICHFIELD Printer to the University, for 7io. I eMe( n ANNO DOM: 1 654.

. ;. .. `` . °s'çy°Pg?ar°h°.w.a4a' 4? WSc?a} ..váA aWOí '.,,..®iV ~ .I+^ O HIS HIGHNESSE OLIVER LORD PROTECTOR OF THE COMMON - WEALTH OF .England, Scotlandand Ireland, with the Dominions thereof. SIR, HE Wife man tells us, that no man knoweth Love or hatred, by all that is before him. The great varietywherein God diffienfeth outward things in the World, with the many changes and alterations, which according to the counfell of his will , he continually workesin the difpenfátionsof them, will not allow themnakedly in . themfelves, to be eviden- ces ofthefountaine from whence they,flow . Seeing alto, that thewant, or abundance ofthem, maye- quallyby the Goodneffe and Wifdomeof God beor- deredand call into an ufefull fubferviency, to a Good infinitely tranfcending what is, or maybecontained in them, there is nonc- cety, that in the dJribestionof them, Godfhiould walke according to any con- Ilant uniforme Law of procedure, all the variousalterations about them, an-. fweringoneeternall purpofe fora determinate end. OfSpirituall good things, there isanother ReafonandCondition; for as they are in themfelves Fruits, Evi- dences andPledges ofan Eternall,unchangeable love; fo the want ofthem, in their wholekind, being not capableofa tendency to a greater Good, than they are ,the Difpenfation ofthem, dothfo farre anfroer the eternal/ fpring and Fountainefrom whence itfloweth, as in refpeCt ofits fubftance andbeing, not to be obnoxious to any alteration. This is thatwhich in the enfuing Treatife iscontended for . In the middefi ofall the changes and mutations, which the infinitely wife providence of God, doth daily effecî in the greater and leffer things ofthis World, as to the, communicationofhis love in JefusChrifi, and the, mercifull&rations diltributi- ons oftheunfearcheable Richesofhis Grace, and the hid Treafures thereo fpur- chafed by his blond, he knows no repentance. O fboth thefeyou have had full ex- perience. And thoughrim concerneme, t in theformer, hath been as eminent as that ofany perfon whatever in thefe latter Ages of the World, yetyour Interef9 in, andacquaintance withthe latter, is , as ofincomparable more importance in it 2 felfe,

felfe, fo anfwerablyofmore value andefleem unto you. Afence ofthe excellency andfweetneffe ofunchangeable Love, e-mplyingitfelfe in the Golden oyleof di- flinguifhingfpirituallMercies, isone letter of that new name , which- none can read, but he that bath it, The Series andChaimofeminent providences, where- byyou have been carriedon, andprotected in all the hazardous workeofyour Ge- neration, whichyour Godbath calledyou unto, is evident to all. Of your prefer- nationby the power ofGod throughFaith, in a coùrfe ofGofpell Obedience, up-. on the accountofthe immutability ofthe Love, and Infallibilityof the Promifes ofGod, which areyea and Amen in Jefus Chrift, your own Joule wonly poffefed with the experience. Therein is that abidingjoy, that fecret refrefment, white the world cannot give. That you and allthe Saints of God, may yet enjoy that Peace &Consolationwhich is in believing,that the eternal! LoveofGod is immu- table, that he is faithfull in his Promifes, that his Covenant ratified in thedeath ofhis Sonneis unchangeable, that the fruits of thepurchafeof Chr , fhallbe certainlybellowedon all themfor whomhe died, and that every one, who is real- ly interef%ed in thefe things,(ball be kept untofalvation, is the aymeofmy prefent plea andConteFL That Ihave taken upon me to prefent my weake endeavours in thiscaufeofGod, toyour Highneffe, isfofarrefort hfrom my perfwafion, ofoour Intere.flin theTruth contendedfor, (and then which, you have none fo excellent orworthy) that without it, no other confiderationswhatever, either of that Dig- nity and Power whereunto òfGod you are called, nor ofyour peculiarregard to that Society ofmen, whereofIam an unworthy Member , nor any other perfonaü ItefpeJs whatever, couldhave prevailedwith, or emboldenedme thereunto. Sani a fan&is. Thethings I treat ofare fucb, as fometimes none ofthe Princes ofthis .Worldknew, and asyetfewof themare acquainted with. Welled are they who- have theirportion in them. When theurgency ofyour High, and important Af- faires, whereinfo many Nations are concerned, willlendyou fomuch leafure, as to take a viewofwhat is here tendred, theknowledge whichyou haveofmee, willde- liveryoufroma Temptation, ofchargingany weakneffeyou may meetwithall,upon the Dorfrine which Iaffert andmaintaine. Andfo that may ruune andbeglori- fied, whatever become ofthe nothing that Ihave done,, in the defence thereof, I pall be abundantlyfatisfied. That is theSheildwhichbeingrafe, Ican withcon- tentmentfee thefe papers dye. Untoyour Highneffe, Ihave not any thingmore to adde: nor for you greater thing topray,.than, that you may be ellablifbed in the Afurance andfence, ofthat unchangeableLove , andfree acceptance inChrifl which i contendfor : and that thereinyou may be preferved, to the Glory ofGod, theAdvancement oftheGofpell, andthe Reall Advantageof thefe Nations, Your HighnelTe Mol} Humble, And molt Faithful! Servant, 10H.7\( OWE.91(m

THE EPISTLE DEDICATORY. To theRight worlliipful, His Reverend, learned , and worthy freinds, and Brethren,theHeads and Governours of the Colledges,andHalls in the Univerfity ofOxFORD. S I R S, He dedication of Bookes to the names ofmen Worthy, and ofe- fteem in their generation, takes fandtuary in foCatholiek and Anci- ent prcfcription that to ufe any defenfative about my walkingin the famepath, cannot but forfeit the lofs offomewhat more , then thepaines that would be (pent therein. Now although in addreffes of this kind,men ufually prevaile themfelvesdale occalon to de liver their thoughts as to particulars, in great variety according as theirconcernmentsmay be ; yet the Reafons which are general- ly pleaded as diredtions for the choife of them, to whomwith their labours, and writings they fo addrefs themfelves , are forthe molt part uniforme ; and 'n their various courfe , tranfgrefs not the Rules ofcertaine heads, from whence they flow. Toesprefs a gratitude for refpedts and favours received , by retur- ning things in their kind eternal , for thofe which are bet temporal : ro obtaineCounte- nance and Approbation unto their endeavours in their breaking forth into the world , froth names ofmore elteem , orat leaffmore knowne, then theirown t to advance in reputeby a Correfpondency in Judgment with men offuck efteem , intimated thereby;are the more in- genuous aimes ofmen in thededications of their writings. Though there , and fundry other pretences of the fame kind, might ;Wily be drawn into my plea, for this addrefsunto you;yee your peculiar defignation and Appointment , through thegood hand of the providence of God , to the defence of the Gofpel; andyour eminent Furnifhment withAbilities from the fame hand, for the performanceofthat glorious duty,is that alone,upon theaccount where- of I have fatisfied my felfe,and hope that I maynot diffatisfie othets,as to thisprefent Appli- cation. What there is ofmy own peculiar concernment,wherein I am like to obtaineamore favourable Condefcention in Judgment , as to my prefent undertaking from you , then from other men , will in the cfofe ofmy addref, crave leave tohave mention made there- of. Brethren! the outward obligations that are upon you from the God of truth , withthe Advantages which hehath intruftedyou withal , for the defenceofhisTruth,above themolt of men in the world, are evident,even to them that maitre by the gray, and turne little Miele to the confiderationof things of this nature , importance, and Condition. And it is tomean evidence ofno fmall incouragement,that God will yet gracioully ins ployyou in the work and labour of his Gofpel,by his conftant giving a mifcarryingmombe to all them,who have attem- pted to defraud the Nation, and the Churches ofGod therein,ofthole helpes and furtheran- ces ofPiety and Literature, with whole management,for their fevice, you are at prefent in- trufled. Of the Jewelsof Silver andGold, whereof by the Lord's appointment,the Children of Ifraelcoming out from amongft them, fpoiled the Egyptians, didthey dedicate to the Ta- bernacle in the wildernefs; when, the Lordplanted theHeavens , andlaid the foundations of the Earth; and(aid to Sion Thon arr my people. Though force outward provifions,and furnitures of Literature, now, through the good hand of God, made ferviceable to you in your Atten- dance upon the great Worke , and imployment committed to you , were firft depofited,when ehickdarknefs was over the land: Yet that they may be madeeminently fubfervient to the will ofGod , in railing up againe the Tabernacle of David,that mat fain down, the Experienceofa few yeares I no waydoubt, will abundantly reveale and manifeft. That in the vicifíitudeof all things given them by tie myflerious and dreadful wheeles of providence , yourgood things alto , (as every thing else that is pleafant and deferable , or given of God unto the Sons of men bath done ) have fallen into the poffeflion and difpofal of men , force enemies, others utterly ufelefs and unfruitful to the Lord intheir generations,cannot bedenyed: But what is there in his waies , or worfhip, in his wotkes,or word,that God hath not, at fame feafon or other delivered into the power of thernen office world, though they have abufed and perverted them to their owndeárud'ion ? Neither is there any other ufe of this Confideration,but only to informe them,of the Obligations they lye under, to a due and zealous improvement of them, towhofeTrull and Care the Lord comrnitts any ofhis mer- ges,when he relines them from the Captivity,under which they have been detained,by uns godly men. This is now your lot,and cond tion,ìn reference to many who for fundry generati- ons,poffeffed chafe places,andadvantages ofeminent fervice for thehouse ofour god,which 54 yott

you nowenjoy. What may juflly be the Expe&ationof God fromyou,under,this lgnal di1- penfatioh""ofhis goodnefs,what..is thehope,prayer,& expatiation of verymany thatfea re him, concerningyou,in thisnation;what are the defignes,defires,aimes,and endeavours ofall forts of them, who beare ill wig atwhatfoever is comely, or praifeworthy amopgft us,you are not ignorant. Whatever confiderationat any timeor feafon may feem to have had anef- ficacy upon theminds and wills ofmen,under the like Sacrament,and defignement to the fee- vice of truthwith your felves , to incite and provoke them to a fingularly induftrious and faithful difchargeof their duty,is eminently prefling upon you alfo;and you aremade afpec- tacle to men ved eAngells, as to the acquitmentofyour (elves. Thewhole ofyour imploy- ment , Iconfefs , both in the General intendment of it , for the promoting and diffuling of Iight.knowledge,andTruth in every kind whatever, and in the more fpccial defigne thereof, for the defence, furtherance, and propagation ofthe Antient,inviolable,unchangeable truth of the Gofpel ofGod, is in thedayes wherein we live, eapofed toa Contention with as much oppofrtion, contempt, fcorne, hatred, and reproach, as ever any filchundertaking was,in any place in the world whereinmen pretended to love light, more then darkneft. It isan hellifh darknefs which the light of theSun cannotexpel. There is no ignorance fo full ofPride, folly and ftubbornefs,as that whichmaintains it felfe,in the midi ofplenti- ful meanesof light and knowledge. He that is in the darke , when the light of theSun is as feven dayes,hath darknefs inhis eye,and howgreat is that darkne/r? Such is the Ignoranceyou have to contend withal; ftubborne, affe&ed, prejudicate beyond exprefïion; maintaining it's darknefs at noon-day,exprelly refuting to attend to the Reafonofthings,as being that alone, in the thoughts ofthole men , ( if theymay be fo called ) who are pcfl'effed with ir, where- with the world is difturbed. From thofe who being under the power ofthis enthtalment,do Item to repine at God, thatthey arenot beaus, and clamoroully traduce the more noble part ofthat kind & offspring,whereof themfelvesare,which attempts do heighten,&improve the difference between Creatures of anintelle&ual Race , and them , to whom theirperifhing Companion gives the utmoft Advancement ; whole eternal feeds , and principles , are laid by the hand of God in their refpedtive beings , youwill not I am fare think it much if you . meet withOppofrtions. ThofeWho are in any meafureacquainted with the fecret , trium. thing exaltations ofwifdome and knowledge , againft folly and ignorance; with the princi- ples and conditions wherewith they advancethemfelves intheir gloryings even then, when theprecedencyof ( that which isbefial in thisworld ) force-and violence outwardlybeard them downwith infultation and contempt, will rather envie , then pity you in any conceit that on this foot ofaccount, you can be engaged in. You are not the fire, that havefought with men,afterthe manner ofBeaf ,;norwill be the laf, who fhall need to pray to be delivered fromabfurdandunreafanable men,fetingall men have not faith. Menofprophane & Atheiflical fpirits,who areready to fay ;who is the Lord,What is theAl- mighty that welhouldfeare hia?or hie truth that We fhoold regardit? whole Generation is of late Multiplied on theface of theearth, crying a Confederacywith them, who profeffing better things are yet filled with grievous indignations at the facrifice that bath been made oftheir Abominations before their eyes by that Reformation of this place , wherein you have been infirumental , area continual goad on the other fide , and would quicklybe a fword in your verybowels werenot He , that is higher then the higheft, your dwelling place , and refuge in your Generation. Theft are they upon whomGod having poured contempt-,and!hind their glory,who inuead ofaccepting ofhis difpenfations,are filledwith wrath,and labour to make others drinkof thecup, which hathbeen offered to themfelves. With their reproaches Ileigh- tings undervaluations ,flanders,do your worth, diligence, integrity, labours,contend,from oneendof thisearth to the other. He that hathdelivered,doth deliver,andinhimwe craft,that hewill deliver. What other oppofrtionyou do meet, or in your progrets , may meet withal, I wall not `mention : but Waiewithpatience on him , who gives men Repentance , and changofHeart to theAcknowledgment ofthe things , that areofhim. This in the midi ofall bath hi- therto beena'caufeòfgreat rejoycing , that God harp gratioufly kept offravenous wolves, fróm entring intoyour fiocks,where are fo many tender lambes,and bath not fuffered men to arife fromamongu your felvesfpeaking perverfethings, &drawingaway difciplesafter them; but ashe bath givenyou, to obeyfromyour heart that forme of which bath beendelivered -untoyou,fo Hebath preferv'd thatfaithamongft you,whichwas once delivered to theSaints. Your peculiar delignation to the ferviceóf the Gófpel , anddefence of the Truth thereof, your Abilities for that worke , your abidingin it, notwithttranding theoppofition you meet +wethall, Mawmid'fiof aerobked-arte1prverfegeneration , areas I fayd before, my Incourage- ments

ment$ in this addrefs unto you; wherein I (hall crave leave a little further to communicate my thoughts unto you as to thematter inhand. Next to the Sonofhis love who is the Truth, the greareff and moti eminent gift , that God bath bellowed on theSons ofmen, and com- municated to thcm,is his Truth revealed in his word. The knowledgeofhim,his mind and will , according to the difcovery which he bathmade ofhimfelfe, fi om his own bofome, hie ving magnified his word,above all bis name. The importance hereof, as to the eternal Concern ments of the Sons ofmen,eirher in ignorance refuting and refifting,or accepting and embra- cing of it, is that which is owned, and ryes as the bottome and foundation ofal l,that we any way engageour (elves into, in this world:wherein we differ from them;whofe hope perifhetlr with them. Unto an enquiry after and entertainment of this divine and /acreddepofttum, bath God deligned the fruit and labour of that,wherein we retaine the refemblanceof him; which wbilefl we have our being, nothingcan abolifh. Themind ofman,and divine truth, are the two moft eminent Excellencies , wherewith the Lord bathadorned this lower part of his Creation: whichwhen they correfpond,and are brought into conformity with,eachother, themind being changed into the Image ofTruth, there isglory added to álory,and the whole rendred exceedinggloriouc. By what futablenefs and proportion in the things themfelves, ( that is between Truthand the mind ofman, ) as weare men, bywhat Almighty fecret and irrefiflible power, as weare corrupted men,our minds being full ofdarknefs and folly , this is wrought,isnot my bnfinefs now to difcufs. This is on all bands confeffed: that fettingof de the confderation of the eternal iffues of things, every miflake ofdivineTruth, every oppofi- tion to it or reje@ion ofit or any part ofit , is fo farte,a chainingup of the mind,under the power ofdarknefs from a progrefs towards that perfeftionwhich it is capable of. It is Truth alone that Capacitates any Mule togive glory to God , or to be truly ufeful to them who are partakersofffefhand bloodwith him : without being force way ferviceab!e towhich end , there is nothing fhort ofthefulnefs ofwrath , that can be judged fo milerableas the Lifeofa man. Ealily fo muchmight be delivered on thisaccount , as to evince the dread of that judgment , whereto forcemen in the infallibly wife counfel ofGodaredoomed, even to the layingout of the tabour and traveloftheir minds, to fpend their dayes and ftrength in fore labour,in making oppofition to this Truth ofGod. Efpecially is the fadnefsof this Con- fideration encreafed in reference to them , who upon any account what ever, do beare forth themfelves , and are lookedupon by others, as guides of the blind, as Lights to them that fit in darknefs,as the 7nfi lloursof the foolifh,& teachers ofBabes. For aman to let himfelfe,oe to be let byothers,in a way wherein are many turnings & .crots pathes,fomeof them leading and tending to places of innumerable troubles, and perhaps death and (laughter, undertaking tobe a guide to dire& them that travel towards theplace of their intendments , whesethey would be,and where theylhall meetwith refl,for fach an oneI fay, to take hold ofevery one that paffeth by , and pretendinghimfelfe to be exceeding skilful,in all the windingsand tur- ningsof thofe .ayes, and pathes, and to (rand thereon púrpofe to give direaion ifHe (hall, withal his skill and Rhetorick, divert them out of the pathwherein they have perhaps fafly fer out,and to guide theminto thofe bywayes,which will certainly lead them into faares, and troubles,ifnot to death it felfe, can he (.end his time, labour and ffrength,in an employment more to be abhorred ? or can he defigne any thing more defperate!y miichievous to them, whole good andwelfare he is bound and promtfeth toPeek and promote? Is any man's con- dition under heaven more to be lamented , or is any man's imploymentmoreperilous then filch an ones , who beingnotonly endowed witha mind and underfianding, capableof the Truth , and receivingimpreffionsof thewill ofGod , but alto with diflinguifhing Abilities and Enlargements for the receivingofgreater meafures ofTruth , then others, and the more effeival improvment ofwhat he Bothfo receive, fhall labour night and day, difpending the richefl treafare and furnifhmentof his foule,for the rooting out , defacing,and detlruaionof theTruth, for the turning men out ofthe way , and pathes that lead to retl and peace? I ne- ver think of the uncomfortable drudgery, which teen giveup themfelves unto , in laying the hay andffubbleof their vaine andfareConceptions upon the foundation , and heaping up the fruit of their foules to make the fire that confumes them , the more fierce and fevere , but it farces compalironate thoughts of that fad Condition, whereto man-kindhath cafl it (elfe, by it's Apoliacy fromGod.And yetthere isnot any thing in the world,that men more willingly, With more delight and greedinefs ,confecrare the flowre of their Strength and Abilitiesunto, then this,of promoting the delufions of their own minds,in oppofition toThe truth, & wales of God. It is a thing of obvious obfervation and dayly experience, that if by any meanes what ever, anyone clofeth with force now, and by opinion, of'from the faithdelivered to,and tcceived by the generality of theSaints that be it a thingof neverfo fmall concernmentin eel' 2 out

our walking with God, inGofpel obedience, and in lovewithout diflimularion onetowards another, yet ) inflantly more weight is layd upon it, more paines laidout about it, and zeale difpended for it's fupportment , and propagation,then about all other molt neceffary points of Chriftian Religion. Have wenot a deplorable cloud of Examples , ofmen contending about force Cirtumftance or other, in the Adminiftration ofanordinance,biting and devou- ring all that Rand in their way, roving up anddown to gaine Profelytes , unto their perfwa- fion , and in the meane time , utterly ignorant or negligent ofthe great doélrines andcom- mands ofthe Gofpel oficfus Chrift,whicharc as in him,the head & Life ofSoules?Howmany a man feemes tohaveno mannerofReligion at all, but Tomeone errour. That is his God , his Chríft,his worfhip ; that hepreaches, that he difcourfeth of, that he laboursto propagate; un- til by the righteous judgment of God it comes to pafs that fuchmen in all other things wi- ther, & dye away; all the tap and vigour of their fpirits,feeding that one monftrous excrefcen_ cy , which they grow up dayly into. Delire of emerging and being notable in the world,e- fteem and refpeel in the hearts and smoothes of them , whom peculiarly they draw after them,with the likeunworthy aimes offelfe advancement, may withoutevill furmizing(when fuchattempts are,(as in too many,)accompanied with irregularity in Converfation)be fuppo_ fed tobe Advantages given into the hands of the enviares man to make ufeofthem for the [ow- ingofhis tares, in the field of the poor feduced world. . That this procedure is alto furthered by theburdenfomenefseffound dottrineonto the generalityofmen, who having itching cares , as farce as they carefor thefe things , do fpend their time in Religion in nothingelfe, but either to teller to heavefame new thing, cannot be denyed. Betides to defend, improve,give andadde new light,untoold truths( a worke which bath fo abundantly and excellently been labour'd in, by tomany worthies of Chrift,efpeci ally fince the Reformation ) in anyeminent manner,fo as ro bringpraife and repute unto the un- dertakers (which whether men will confefs or no,it is evident that too many are enflavedun- to ) is no eafy taske: and for the molt part ofwhat is done that way, you may fay, ,h leget hac2The world ( fayesevery one) is burden'd with difcourles of this nature. How many have we in ourdayes, who might havegone to the grave in filence among the relidue of their bre- thren , and their names have remained fora feafon in the voifrnage, where they might have done God the fervice require$ of them in their generation,would they have kept themfelves in theforme ofwholfomewords andfound doftrine; that havenow delivered theirnames into the mouthes ofall men, by engageing into force ungularopinions,though perhaps raked out of the altarsofPopery,Socinianifine, or force fuchfruitful heapoferrour , and falle notions of the things ofGod? I defire notto judge before the time;the day will manifeft all things :and the hidden ferrets ofthe hearts of men thall by itbe layed open : when all the waies,cautes, and occafions of theirdeceiving, and being deceived, ¡hall be brought to light, andevery man according to his work fhall have praife ofGod. Only I fay as to the relent flare of things , this is evident ( not to fpeake of thofe locufts from the borrow/eft pit , that profefledly oppofe their ftrengih, toall that is ofGod, his name, word,worfhip or truch,will,and commands,rafing the foundationof all hopes ofeternity;nor ofHim,andHis Affociates,whoexalterhhimfelfe above allthat is called God , being full ofnames ofblafphemy, fealed up to deflrullion)vety many amongft our felves,of whom we hoped better things, do, fomein greater, force in leffer mat- ters give up themfelves to thatunhappy labour we before mentioned of oppofing the truths ofGod, and exalting their own darknefs,in the roome of his glorious light, Vtjugulent hominesfurg-ut de noble latrones; 7l t teiplum ferves nonexpergifi eris ReverendBrethren t if other men can rifeearly, go tobed late , andBate the breadofcare- felne¡s, fpend their lives and ftrength to do their own work and propagate their own conceptions', under a pretence of doing the work ofGod : if the envious man Watcheth all night and waites all advantages to few his tares how will yoube able to lift up your hands with joy, and behold your Mailers face with boldnefs at his coming, ifhaving received fucheminent Abilities endowments and furnifhments from him forhis fer- vice , and the fervice of his Cheepand lambs , as youhave done , you ird not up the ¡cines ofyour minds,and laynot out your ftrength to the urtermoft,for the weeding out of the field and vineyard ofthe Lord everyplant which our heavenlyFather bathnot planted , andfor feed- ing the flock ofChrift with ftneere milk, and prong meat according as theyare able to bearer what you have received , more then others , is of free grace , which is God's wayofdealing with them onwhom he layes themolt unconquerable, and indefpenfable obligation unto fereiee Flefh and bleedbath not revealed unto you the truth of God , which you do profile but

but our Father which is inheaven ; you donot upon any endeavourofyour own , differfrom themwhoaregiven up to the fore Judgment,and ever to be bewailed condition before mentio- ned. It bath not been from your own endeavoursor watchfulnefs that you have been hi- therto preferved under thehour oftemptation; which is come to try the men that live upon theface ofthe earth. It is not ofyour felves, that you are not induflrioully diflurbing your own fouler and others , with this, orthat entrenchmentupon the doctrine of the Golpel , and the free Grace ofGod in Jefus Chrifl , which not a few pride themfelves in , with the contempt of all otherwife minded. And doth not the prefent (late of things require the full disbutfingof all,that you have freely received for the glory ofhim,fromwhomyou have received it? You are perrons who not only as Doíleurs & Teachers in ars Vniverlity,have a large,diflind,difci- plinary knowledge ofDsvinity;but alfa fuck as to whom the SonofGod is come,andhath given an renderflanding to know him that ú trae : intowhole hearts Godhash Joined togive the light of the knowledgeof hieglory in theface of3efua Chriff; & therefore may fay ,what (ball We render to theLord ? how (hall we ferve him in anyway anfwerable to the grace we have received ? I (peak not (thisthe Lord knowesit.before whom I Hand) with Refledion on any,as though I judged them negleders of the duty incumbent on them. Everyone ofua muffgivean ac- count ofhimfelfe to the Lord. Thedayly paines labour and travaile ofmany of you in the workof the Gofpel, the dilegence and endeavours ofothers inpromoting other ufeful litera- ture , isknownunto all. Only the confideration of myown prefent undertaking , joyn'd with a fenfe ofmineown infufficiency for this or any other labourof this kind , and ofyour larger furnifhmentswith abilities ofallforts, preis me to thisflirringup ofyour remembrance, tocontend for thefaith fo much oppofed and perverted : Not that I would prefs, for the need- lefs multiplying ofbookes,(whofe plenty is the general cur/ornerycomplaint ofall men vet- ted in them)unlefs neceflity call thereto; Scribimua indolli,doili4,.-.But that ferions thoughts may -be continually dwelling in you , to lay out your felves to obviate thefpreading of any errour what ever , or the deftrudionofany already propagated by fuch waies and meaner, as theprovidence ofGod,and the circumftances of the matterit felfe theft call you out unto, is in the delireof my foule. Something you will findin thiskind attempted , by the weakefl ofyour number , in this enfuingTreatife. The matter ofit I know will bave yourApprobation , and that becaufe it hath his,whom you ferve. For the manner ofhandling it,it is humbly given up tohis grace and mercy , and freely left to your Chriftian Judgments : Thegeneral concernments ofthis bufinefs arefo known to all that I (hall byno meanes burden you with a repetition ofthem. The attempt made by t,VlrGoodwinagainft the truth here afferted,was by all men judged fo confiderable(efpecially the truth oppofed,havinga more practical influence into the walking of theSaints withGod,thenany Other byhim affaulted,and thedefending ofit,giving more advantage into an inquiry after the mind ofGod , asdelivered in innumerable places ofScri- pture, then anyof the refl oppofed ) as that a removal ofhis Exceptions to our Arguments, and an Anfwer to his Objedioas,was judged neceffary by all. Othermartins manifefling this endeavour tobe in order and in feafon, I have further communicated in the entrance ofthe Trearife it felfe. In my addreffes to thework, I could byno meanes contentmy Idle, with a mere difcufling of what was produced by my Adverfary. For he having kept himfelfe for the molt part,within the campais of the Synodal writings of the Remonfirants , which are already moft clearly and folidly anfwered , (by one efpecially, renowned smefiue ) to have eyed my felfeunto a concert with him , had been merely 4Fíam agere, without promotingthe caufe I had undertaken in the kart. As I account itby no meanes an ingenuous proceeding, for men to beare up their ownnames by flanding upon the fhouldersofothers, to deport themfelves Authours when indeed they are but Colledours and Tranflatours; SoI am very remote from being fo far in lovewith this wayofhandling controverfies in Divinity , as to think it neceffary to multiply books ofthe fame matter , withoutfome conlderable addition of Light,and ftrength to theCaufe, whofe protection andpromotion is undertaken, On this confideration, betides incident difcourfes , which Ihope through the Graceofhim, that fap- plyedfeed to the fewer, may be of ufe, and have an entreere among(} theSaints of God; I have made it my aime ( and what therein I haveattained is with all fubmiflìonofmind and judg- ment calf before the thoughts ofmen , whofefenfe.: areexercifed to drfcernegood andevill) to place each Argument irafifted on, upon its own proper hafts and foundation: to Refolve every Reafon and (A/tediumwhereby I have proceeded , into it's own principles : dífcovering the fountaine and wellheadofall the flreames that run in thefield of thiscònteft, as alto to give fomeclearings and evidence,to our Conclufions from the feveral Tests ofScripture difcuffed, by difcovering the Reafon of them , and intentofGod. in them. Some Arguments there e.4 3 are

are, and fundry Texts ofScripture, thatare ufually produced, and urged in the defenceof he cantle under confderation , that I have not infifted on: nor vindicated from the exceptions of the Adverfaries. Not that I judge them indefenfible againft their moil cunning or molt fu- rious affaults,and foflighted what I couldnot holdfor urdeed I knownot any oneText of fcri- pture;commonly ufed or thisend, nor any Argument byany fober man framed to the fame purpofe, that is not capable ofan eafy and faire vindication : but meerly bccaufe they fell nor in regedarly,in the method 1 hadpropofed to my l'elfe , nor would fo do , unlefs i had gone forth to the iffue ofmy fiat intendment, and had handled the abodeof Believers withGod at large , from itsprinciples and caufes as I had done , that part of our doctrine which con- cernes the Continuanceof the love of God with, and unto them ; which the growth of the Treadle under my hand , would not give me leave todo. What bath been,or mayyet fur- ther be done, by others who have made, orfhall make it their bufinefs,to draw thePaw of this Controverly , to and fro which Mr. Geodwin,1 hope will give fatis£adion, as in other things, fo in the particularsby me omitted. As to what I have to fpeak,or at leaf} think it conveni- ent to (peak, concerninghim, with whom in this difcourfe I have much to do,and the manner ofmy dealing with him, beinga thingofperfonal Concernment , not having any influencing AfpedOn the merit of thecaufe , I [hall, in not many words, abfolve you ofyour trouble in the Conlderation thereof. My Adverfary is a perfon, whom his worth,paines,dilígence,and opinions, and the contefls,wherein on their account he bath publikely engaged,havedelive- red from being the object ofanyordinary thoughts , of expreflions. Nothing not great,not confiderable, not fome way eminent, is by any Ipoken of him, either confenting with him,or diffenting from him. To interpole my Judgment inthe crowd, on the one fide or the other, I know neither warrant ,orfuffcient caufe : Weall hand, orfall to our own maffers ; And the fire will try all our orkes. This only I fhall crave Liberty to fay ; that whether from his owngeniva,and acrimony of Spirit , or from the provocations ofothers , with whom he bath had to do, manyofhis Polemical Treatifes have been [prickled with Satyrical Sarcafinec, and contemptuousrebukes of the perfon with whom he hath had to do. So that were I not re- lieved in my thoughts by the confderation ofthofe Exacerbations and exafperacions offpi- rit', which upon other accounts, betides baredifference ofopinion in religious things , have fallenout in thedayesand feafons which have patted over us , all of them labouring to exert fomethingof themfelves in everyundertakingof the perfons brought under their power , I fhould have beenutterly difcouraged from any contefts of thisnature. Much indeed ofhis irregularity in this kind,I cannot but afcribe to that prompt facility he hath,in putting abroad every paillon ofhis mind , and all his conceptions, not only decently clothed, with language of a full and choice Ggnificancy , but alto trim'd and adorn'd with all manner of fignal im- provements, that may render it keen or pleafantaccording to his intendment ordefrre ;What the Latine Lyrickfaid of the Grecian Peet may be applyed tohim. t lZontedecarrens velo; amni:, imbres emfuper norm alaireripae, Ferver , immenfufgr rui: profundo Pindarue ore. And he is thereby plainlypoffeftedofnot a few advantages. It is true that when the proof . ofhis opinion by Argument , and the orderly purfuit of it is incumbent on him, (a coserle of all other wherein he foonefl faileth,) themedium heuferh, and infifierh on, receivethnot the leaf} contributionof real ftrength from any dcefs ofwords , and Expreflions wherewith it is adornedand accompanied:yet it cannot be denyed but that his Allegorical amplifications, illufirations and exaggerations ofthe things he would infinuate , take great impreflions upon the mindsof them, who are in any meafureintangled with the feeming probabilities which are painted over his Arguments,by theirfophiftry,and pretence ofTruch.The Apottle giving that Caution to the Collofans that theyshould take heed, Nfi zrs vi 's.4a aoy'fnmr i,, sr9xvo- aoy10, manifefteth theprevalencie offalfe reafoningi when in Conjondion withRhetorical per- fwa,.4ons.The great ¡tore altoof wordsand expreflions which for all occafions he bath lying by him, ate of no little ufe to him, when being preffed withany Arguments,orceflimonies of Scripture , and being not able to evade, he is forc'c to raife a cloud of them , wherewith after he bath a while darkned the wifdome and Connedof that , wherewith he bath to do, he.in- fenibly flipps out of thecord , wherewith he appeared tohave been detained, and triumphes as in a petfeaConqueft , when only an 'inarticulate found harts been givenby his trumpet, but the charge ofhis Adverfaries not once receivedor repelled. But not any where, loth he more indultrioufly hoift up,and fpread the failes of his luxurient Eloquence,then when he aimes to render the opinionofhis adverfaries tobe , morflrum horendum , informe ¡agent, cui lumen

lrsen ademptum , a dark,difmal, uncomfortable, fruitlt/}, death-procuring dollrine ; fuch as it is marvei- ions, that ever any poor foul fhould embrace or choofe for a Companion or guide , in its pilgrimage towards heaven. Rolling through this feud , his expreffions fwell over all bounds and limits ; meta- phors, fmilitudes, parables, all help on the current: though the ftreames of it being(hallow and wide, a little oppofition eafily turnes it for the moft part alide ; a noife it makes indeed with agoodly thew and appearance. Herculeii non mole minor -- Agylleus Sednon ille rigor , patriami in corpore robar. Luxuriant artus , effuf.s fanguinelaxo tillembra natant -- This, ( as I Paid, ) prompts (I fears )the learned perfonofwhom wefpeak,to dealefo huffily with fomeofthemwith whom he hath to do. Andit is hill feared , that ---partt s toiit cornaa; ,2zalis Lycambafpretut infido goner , & elot acerhaliteBapalo. It might indeedbe themore cxcufable, if evident provocation were alwaies ready at hand to be charged with the blame of this procedure , ifhe faid only &fin, quit atro dente me petiverit c4'[abtus utflebopuer? Butfor aman to warme hirnfelfe , by rafting about his own pen , until it be fo filled withindigna Lion and frotte , as to blur every page andalmoft every line is a courfe'that will never promote the praife,nor adorne theTruth ofGod. For what romainesconcerning him; do illi ingeniam,do eloguen- tiam, & indufiriam; fadem, Fr veritatem atinam coluiffet, The Courte &Condition ofmy procedure with him , whether it be fuch as becomethChriftian mo- deity, and tobrrety, withan allowance of thofe ingredientsof zeal, in contending for thetrut,hwhicb in fuch cafes the Holy Ghoftgives a command for is referred to theJudgment ofall who are con- cerned.and :recount themfelves fo,in the things of God. As to any bitternefsofexprellion, perfonal tefieltions by application of Satyrical invecìives, I know nothing by my felfe , and yet I dare not ac- counr,that I am hereby juftified. Thecalme and indifferent Reader,not fenfible ofthofe commotions, which the difcoveryofSophtfocal evafions,pretlïngofinconfequent confequences, bold Affections&ec will fornetimes toile in the molt candid and ingenuous mind,rnay ( and efpecially ifhe be an obferver of failings in that kind ) efpie once and againe , tome fagnes and appearances of fuch exafperations as ought to have been allayed with a fpirir ofmeeknefs , before the thoughts that flirted them up,had been turned out ofdootes,in the expreffions obferved.Although I am nor confcious ofthedelivery of try felfe in any termes, intimating aCaptivitie under the poweroffuch a fnare for a momcnt,yet what (hail to the Chriflían Reader occurreof fuch a teeming tendency , I humblyrefer it to his judgment, being content to fuffer lofs in any hay orhobble what ever , that I may have layd upon the foundation of truth , which I am Pure is firmly fixed by God himfelfe , in the bufinefs in hand. For what further concernes my manner cf dealing in this Argument , I have only a few things to mention, ( Reverend Brethren) andyou will be difcharged of the trouble ofthis prefatory addrefs un- to you. The matter in hand I hope you will find attended and purfued,without either Jocular or hifto' rical diverGons, which are judgedmeet by force tomanic the fpirits, andintice the minds of the Rea.. dens , which are apt to faint and grow weary ifaiwaies bent to the confideration ofthings weighty and ferious. Withyou , whoare continuallyexercifed with feverer thoughts and ftudies , then the molt of men can immix themfelves withal fuch a condefcention to the vanity ofinens minds, and lightnefs of their fpirits,I am Purecan find no approbation. And asfor them who make it their bu- finefs,to run through books ofa Polemical nature,in what fubjeet foever,in purfuit ofwhat is perfonal, ridiculous, invedl ue, beating every Chapter, and Salim ,to find only what ought not to be there,and recoyling in their fpirits,upon theappearance of thatwhich is ferious,and periling to the taufe in hand, I fuppole you judge them not worthy to be attended to, with fuch an impoGtionupon the time and diligence of chofe who Gncrely feek the Truth in love , as the fatisfying of their vaine humour would requite. It is indeed offad confideration to fee,how tome learned men ( forgetting the lofs ofpreci- ous hoares,wherewith they panifia their Readers thereby)in dilcourfes ofthis naturedo, offend againff their profeffed intendments , by perpetual diverfions in long perfonal Harangues, delighting tome for a moment , inftruéing none , in the mattrer inquired into. Some parts of thisTreatife you may perhaps judge not fo clofeiy, & fcholaftically argumentative,as the regular !awes ofanaccuratedifpu- cation would require. In the fame judgment with you, is the Authour:where yet he fuppofes himfelfe not without ju".i Apologie,ar.d that fuch as renders his wayofprocedure not blame worthy: where- as other wife he flrould not think any excufe fufficient to expiate fuch anerrour. He is worthily blam- rued,who had not rather chufe to want a fault, then an excufe. Thetruth is,neither would the matter treated .

iì treatedof nor the petfons , for whofe fakes cheifly this labour was undertaken admit ofan accuratè fcholaftical procedure inall parts ofthe Treatife. The do&rine affected , andthe errour oppofed, are the concernmentsofthe common petiple ofChriftianity. eArminianifine is crept into the bodies of fundry congregations and the weaker men are, who entertaine it, the moregrofs and carnal are their notions , andConceptions in,and about it. Pelagiue himfelfe was never fo injurious to the grace of God,asTome amongft us. Now the fouls ofmen , whofe good is fought in this work , are no lets pre- cious in the tight ofGod though they are unacquainted with Philofophical termes, and wayesofar- going,than the foules of the molt learned. Betides , that which weaccount our wifedome , and lear- ning,may,if too rigoroufly attended,beour folly:when we think to fharpenthe reafon oftheScripture, we may firaighten the Efficacy of the fpirit of it. It is oftentimes more effectual in it's own liberty,then when reftrainedto our methodsof arguing.And the weaponsof itkeener in their own foft breathings, thenwhen fharpned in the forge ofAriflotle. There is awayofperfwafion and convi &ion in theScri- prures,that is more divine & fublime, then tobe reduced to any Rules ofArt that men can reach unto. God in his word , inftrut.`ts men to make them wife unto falvarion. Syllogifinesare not ( doubtlefs ) the only wayof making men wifewith humanewifedome , much lefs divine : Some Teftimonies, o. this account,are left at their ownliberty,improved only by Explanation, that they might tote nothing of o*ne ftrength,feeing noother can be added to them: Where the corrupt Philofophy, orfopht- focal arguings , or indeed regular fyllogiftical proceedings of the Adverfaries have rendred a more dole Logical wayofproceeding neceflary , I hope your favourable judgments will notfind caufe to complaineofthe want thereof. Whatever is amifs, what ever is defe&ive,what ever upon any account, cometh fhort ofdefire or expe&ation,as I know none in the world moreable to difcerne,and findout, then your felves,fo therearenone from whom I can expe&,and juftly promife my Idle, amore ear}, 8e candid Cenfure , a more free and general pardon,a more favourable Acceptationof thisendeavour for the fervice oftheTruth ,then from you. Befides that perfonal Amity, and refpeét, whichGod by his providence bath given me ( one altogether unworthy of fuch an allay of common perplexities in hispilgrimage ) with you,and amongftyou,befides that readinefs and ingenuous promptnefs ofmind, untocondefcention and candid reception of laboursin this kind , which your own great worth and abilities furnifhyou withal,exemptingyou,and liftingyou above that Pedautickjeverity,and humour of cenfure,which pof(ethSciolifls & níen corrupted with a defireofemergingin the repute ofothers. You know full well,in what ftreights, under what diverfions, imployments,buiinefs of fundry natures incumbent on me,from the Relations wherein I ftand,intheUniverfity,and on fundry other accounts, this work bath beencarried on. Thetruth is,no (mall portionof it,owes it's rife to Journeyes,and fuch like avocations from myordinary courfeof ftudies,and imployments, withTome (pare !mutes, for the moft part in cinseofabfence, from all books and alisffances ofthat naturewhatever. Not longer to be burthenfome unto you, with things ofno greater concernment, then what may haverefpe& toone everyway fo unworthy as my felfe, what is of the feed which God hathgracioufly fupplyed,I am fure will find acceptance with you ;andwhat is of it's worthlefs Author , or that I have added, I am fully content may beconfumed by thefire, that tryes our worker ofwhat fort they are. My dayly prayer ( Houourtd Brethren ) thall be on your behalfe,that in the dayes, wherein we fee fo many fall from the truth,& oppofeit,on the onehand; agreat indifferencyas to the things ofGod, leading Captivefo many on the other, fo few remaining, made ufeful to God in their generations,by a conjunction ofzeale for the truth, andability untoit's defence,and thofe for themolt part fo clofely engaged in,and their hands fo filled, with the work ofpubliquebefeeching Men tobe reconciled to Godin Chriff,and buildingupof them,who are called in their moft holy faith;You may receivehelpe from a- bove,and encouragement to engage you by all meanes pollible, to fpread abroad a favour of the Gof- pel ofJefas Chrifi,& to labour continually that the truthsofGod, (for whofe defenceyou are patti. cufatly appointed)may not becaft down,nor trampled on under thefeet ofmen ofcorrupt minds,iv- ing in wait todeceive, alluring& beguiling unftable foules,with enticingwords of humane wifedo;:: or any glorious thew and pretence whatever, turning them from thefimpliciryof the Gofpel,and thé truth as it is in Jefusahat you maynot faint,nor waxe weary, notwithfìanding all the oppofition,con- tempt,fcorne,you do,or may meet withal ;norever be turned afide to corrupt Dalliances with errour, and falth000d, as is the manner offome,who yet would be accounted found in the faith ; but keeping dole to the forme ofwholefome words,&anfwering the mould ofGofpel do&rin,whereinto you have been caft,may thine as Lights,in the midaofa crooked and perverfe generation;knowing,that it is but yet a little while, and he that fhall come, will come,;& will not tarry; yeacome Lord Jefus,come&c. So pray es Your unworthy fellow Labourer and Brother in our Beare Lord yefnt: JOHN Ow E N.

APrefaceto theReader. cc' unedisQe t2i,jr,SbR Qbaiitt n t u 6*w'. *$$$$$$$$$WelibMinc.4 R É ADER F thy enquiry be o&yafter the fub/lance of the Truth in the enfuing Treatife contended for , I delire thee not to flay at all upon this preti- minary difcourfe,but to proceed thirher,where it is expreflyhandled from the Scriptures , without the intermixtureof any humaneTeflimonies , or other lets necessary Circumfiances, wherein perhaps many of them may not be concerned,whofe interest yet lies in the truth it felfe,and it is pre.. clous to their Soules. That which now I intend and ayme at, isto give anaccount to the learnedReader , ofTome things nearly relating to the doRr:ne , whoseproteftion ( in the ftrength ofhim , who gives to his.,fuitable helps for the works and Employments hecalls them to ) I have undertaken and what entertainment it hath formerly found,and received in the Church,and among theSaints ofGod. Dr the Ac- complishment of this intendment, Abreife mention of theDoetrine it felfe will make way. Whom in thiscontroverfy we intend by the name ofSaints , andBeleivers theTreatife fol- lowingwill abundantly manifeft. The word Perfeverantia is ofmoft knowneufe inEccles fiaflical writers : Auflin bath a book with the infcriptionof it in its forehead. The word in the New Testament fignifying the fame thingis,mswriì. Of them that followed Paul it is Paid that heperfwaded them, talgillIP Ty e ntT yes ", A. 13.43. That is:to Per / euere. `s risitoth is of the fame import. '04 izrooyivat £is -rae- `u'sos ors..:4 .Math.I 0,23. Ile that perfevereth to the end; TheVulgar Latin rendersthat wordalmoftconftantly by perfivero.KapTre:ia is aword alto of the fame fignification and which theScripture ufeth to express thefame thing : xesíT' is, fometimes by aMetathefis expreffed xapr@;Thence is KJrta,vald'e :and xap,sp:W,fpokenofhim who is of a valiant refolvedmind. Byfaith cA'lofes left Egypt, notfearing the Wrath ofthe King, rir y5 0I'6e,m, Wç útWr trtjpr pnes.He.r ï.ay.As eying the invifible he endured(histryal ) with a con- flaw valiant mind. riessrapnplis from thence is moftfrequently to perfevere. A& E. 14. and $,ov J4 4e9o41p7Sp ,7v7e5 Tî,dtJxx,r:''Azrn5vEmr A l.2.4a. They persevered in the Doeirine ofthe Apoftles. rreoeepaieiiess once used in.the NewTestament, is rendredby our Tranfiatoursperfe- verance. Eph.6. r8. In whatvarietyofExpreflion the thing is revealed in the Scripture, isin the Treatifeit serfs abundantly declared. TheLatin word is Clafcal,Terfevero, is Confianter funsfeveru: : In that felfeas Senecahies Resfevera eft venomgaudinm. It's extreme in ex- cels is , Pertinacy; if there arenot rather diftinguifbed from theirobje&s, then in themselves. Varro lib 4.de ling:Lat :Tells us that Pertinacia is a continuance orgoing en, in that, whereinone ought not tocontinue,or proceed. Terfeverantia is that, whereby any one continues in that Where- in he ought fo to doe. Hence is that definition of it commonly given by the School-men from Au(lin: Lib 87. qu:3 r,who took it from Cicero (one they little acquainted themfelveswith - all) lib. z,de Invent: it is fay they, In ration bent fundatâ,flabilis & perpetuapermanfio. And this at present maypats for a general defcríption ofit, that is used in an ethical ; andPvan. gehcal fenfe. Perfeverance was accounted a commendable thing amongPhilofophers. rite- -t rally Perfeverance is that part ofFortitudewhereby the mind iteflabliffled in the performanceofa- ny good andnece far' work, notwithflanding theaffaults and opposition it meetswithal ,with that tedioufnefs and Weerifomners, which theprotrailion oftime , in thepur/uit ofany Jain atten- dedwithal. Ariflotle informes us that it is excercifed about things troublefome , lib. 7. Eth: Nicom : givinga difference between Continencewith it's oppofite vice , andforbearance , or yer /everance ro uo J' ó pti ,ei riAr.Z isparis, i ¡s'rywgazñs. `O 4 ,*..; Tires; uaSauós ,; dt xaprsas ç. He that abides in hisundertaken work fo it be good andhoneft, notwithftanding that trou- ble and perplexity he may meet withal is xarneasìc. Hence he tellsus that xatrepici'ç'r as well as jw,p.vus is not pleasant CO many, lib. ro.cap.9. And that becaufe fo to live, implies dif- ficulty and opposition. And He alto, as Varro in the place above mentioned, diftinguifhes it from pertinacy; And of men infefled with that deprav'd habit ofmind,he fays there are three forts;léleyea;aeieo,Ju«so and s'yevcoi: all Thefe are in his Judgment,l,v,.yeduovss.1Picom.lib. 7. cap: 9. Which perverfe difpofition offpirit he there clearly manifefts to be fufficiently diffetenced from afruits refolved frame ofmind,whatever itmay refembleir in.Now though B there