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confirmed by many Arguments. CA P.111.35:1o. 24,25,26,27. Surely the Lordof Hafts hath Swarm , faying furely asI have thought,fofhall it come to paffe, anda I havepnrpofed, itfhall Hand, that I will breake the Affyrian in my land:This is the urpofe ofGod,that ispnrpofed upon the whole Earth, and this is the hand,that isftretchedout upon allthe Nations;for the Lordof bath purpofed, andwho' all difanullit ? And his handisflretched out, andwho (hall turne it back? The Lord doth not only Affert thecertain Accomplifhmentofall his Purpofes, but an toprevent, and obviate the tin- beliefeofthem,whowere concerned in their fulfilling , he manifefts upon what account it is, that they fhall certainly be brought to paffe 5 and that is by theflretching oot ofhis hand, or exalting ofhis mighty Power,for the doe- Mg ofit: fo that ifthere be a fayling therein, it muff be through the fhort- neffeof that Handofhis fo .tffretched out, in that itcould not reach the end aygied at. AWorme will put forth its strength for the fullfilling of that, whereunto is is inclined: and theSonnes ofmen will draw out all their Power for thecompafiing of their defignes: if there be Wifdome in the layingof them, andforefight of Emergencyes, they alter not, nor turne afide to the right hand, or to the left,in the purfuit ofthem: And (hall the InfinitelyWife, Holy, and Righteous thoughts,and Defignes ofGod, not have his Power engaged for their accomplifhment ? His Infinite Wifdome, and Un- derffanding areat thefoundation ofthem: they are the Counfellsof his Will. Ephef.7. n. whohath knownhis niinde (in them?)faith the Apoftle,and who hath been his Counfellour? though nocreaturecan fee the paths, wherein he walks, nor apprehend thereafon ofthe waies, he is delighted in yet this he letsus know for the fatisfying of our hearts , and teaching of our inquiries, that his owneInfiniteWifdome is inthem all: I cannot butfeare fometimes, that men have darkned counfellwithout knowledge incurious conteftsabout theDe- crees,& PurpofesofGod, asthough they were to be meafured by our rule& line, andas though by fearching we could find out the Almighty to Per- feplion. But he is Wifein hearts hethat contendeth with him let him Inftru& him. Adde,that this Wifdome in his Counfell is attendedwith infalliblePre- fcienceofall,that will fall in by the way, or in the courfe ofthe accomplifh- ment ofhis Purpofes; and youwill quickly fee,that there can be no poffible intervenienceupon the account whereofthe Lord fhould not ingagehis Al. mightyPower for their accomplithment; He is ofone minde,andwho can torne him? hewill roorke,andwho(hall let him? 6. Sixtly,by demonfrating the Vnreafonabineffe,Foly, and Impoffibilitÿ, of fufpending theA&s,and Purrofes of the Will ofGod,upon anya&ings ofthc Creatures whatfoever: teeing it cannot be done without fubje&ing Eternity to time, thefirfl Caufe to the fecond, theCreator to the Creature, the Lord to the Servant; diffurbing the whole order ofBeings and Operations in the world. 7. Seventhly,by theremoveall ofall Pofble,or Imaginary Caufes of Alte- ration and change: which will all be refolved into impotency in one kind, or other. EveryAlteration being confeffedly an imperfection, it Cannot follow but from want andweakneffe, Upon the lffueofwhich Difcourfe, ifitmight be perufed , there Corollaries would infue; r. Eìrft, Conditionall Promifes, and Threatnings, arenot declarative of Gods rurpyfes concerning Perfons, but ofhis Moral/ Approbation or Reje&i- on ofThings. 2. Secondly, There is awide difference betweene the Changeof whatis Conditionally pronounced, as to the things themfelves, and the change ofwhat is Determinately willed: the certaintyofwhole event is proportioned to the ImmutableMsofthe Will ofGod it felfe. H 3 3. 53