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but our Father which is inheaven ; you donot upon any endeavourofyour own , differfrom themwhoaregiven up to the fore Judgment,and ever to be bewailed condition before mentio- ned. It bath not been from your own endeavoursor watchfulnefs that you have been hi- therto preferved under thehour oftemptation; which is come to try the men that live upon theface ofthe earth. It is not ofyour felves, that you are not induflrioully diflurbing your own fouler and others , with this, orthat entrenchmentupon the doctrine of the Golpel , and the free Grace ofGod in Jefus Chrifl , which not a few pride themfelves in , with the contempt of all otherwife minded. And doth not the prefent (late of things require the full disbutfingof all,that you have freely received for the glory ofhim,fromwhomyou have received it? You are perrons who not only as Doíleurs & Teachers in ars Vniverlity,have a large,diflind,difci- plinary knowledge ofDsvinity;but alfa fuck as to whom the SonofGod is come,andhath given an renderflanding to know him that ú trae : intowhole hearts Godhash Joined togive the light of the knowledgeof hieglory in theface of3efua Chriff; & therefore may fay ,what (ball We render to theLord ? how (hall we ferve him in anyway anfwerable to the grace we have received ? I (peak not (thisthe Lord knowesit.before whom I Hand) with Refledion on any,as though I judged them negleders of the duty incumbent on them. Everyone ofua muffgivean ac- count ofhimfelfe to the Lord. Thedayly paines labour and travaile ofmany of you in the workof the Gofpel, the dilegence and endeavours ofothers inpromoting other ufeful litera- ture , isknownunto all. Only the confideration of myown prefent undertaking , joyn'd with a fenfe ofmineown infufficiency for this or any other labourof this kind , and ofyour larger furnifhmentswith abilities ofallforts, preis me to thisflirringup ofyour remembrance, tocontend for thefaith fo much oppofed and perverted : Not that I would prefs, for the need- lefs multiplying ofbookes,(whofe plenty is the general cur/ornerycomplaint ofall men vet- ted in them)unlefs neceflity call thereto; Scribimua indolli,doili4,.-.But that ferions thoughts may -be continually dwelling in you , to lay out your felves to obviate thefpreading of any errour what ever , or the deftrudionofany already propagated by fuch waies and meaner, as theprovidence ofGod,and the circumftances of the matterit felfe theft call you out unto, is in the delireof my foule. Something you will findin thiskind attempted , by the weakefl ofyour number , in this enfuingTreatife. The matter ofit I know will bave yourApprobation , and that becaufe it hath his,whom you ferve. For the manner ofhandling it,it is humbly given up tohis grace and mercy , and freely left to your Chriftian Judgments : Thegeneral concernments ofthis bufinefs arefo known to all that I (hall byno meanes burden you with a repetition ofthem. The attempt made by t,VlrGoodwinagainft the truth here afferted,was by all men judged fo confiderable(efpecially the truth oppofed,havinga more practical influence into the walking of theSaints withGod,thenany Other byhim affaulted,and thedefending ofit,giving more advantage into an inquiry after the mind ofGod , asdelivered in innumerable places ofScri- pture, then anyof the refl oppofed ) as that a removal ofhis Exceptions to our Arguments, and an Anfwer to his Objedioas,was judged neceffary by all. Othermartins manifefling this endeavour tobe in order and in feafon, I have further communicated in the entrance ofthe Trearife it felfe. In my addreffes to thework, I could byno meanes contentmy Idle, with a mere difcufling of what was produced by my Adverfary. For he having kept himfelfe for the molt part,within the campais of the Synodal writings of the Remonfirants , which are already moft clearly and folidly anfwered , (by one efpecially, renowned smefiue ) to have eyed my felfeunto a concert with him , had been merely 4Fíam agere, without promotingthe caufe I had undertaken in the kart. As I account itby no meanes an ingenuous proceeding, for men to beare up their ownnames by flanding upon the fhouldersofothers, to deport themfelves Authours when indeed they are but Colledours and Tranflatours; SoI am very remote from being fo far in lovewith this wayofhandling controverfies in Divinity , as to think it neceffary to multiply books ofthe fame matter , withoutfome conlderable addition of Light,and ftrength to theCaufe, whofe protection andpromotion is undertaken, On this confideration, betides incident difcourfes , which Ihope through the Graceofhim, that fap- plyedfeed to the fewer, may be of ufe, and have an entreere among(} theSaints of God; I have made it my aime ( and what therein I haveattained is with all fubmiflìonofmind and judg- ment calf before the thoughts ofmen , whofefenfe.: areexercifed to drfcernegood andevill) to place each Argument irafifted on, upon its own proper hafts and foundation: to Refolve every Reafon and (A/tediumwhereby I have proceeded , into it's own principles : dífcovering the fountaine and wellheadofall the flreames that run in thefield of thiscònteft, as alto to give fomeclearings and evidence,to our Conclufions from the feveral Tests ofScripture difcuffed, by difcovering the Reafon of them , and intentofGod. in them. Some Arguments there e.4 3 are