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C A P.I I i ,s :4F 2 Tim. zip. futher Eplained and Vindcated. .So propofed byMr Goodwin) is, becaufe they confider not the Love that God bears to Believers, that is, that he approoves them,whilíl theyare fuch; which is in- deed one mainepart ofthe Gofpell. So that men fall from the Gofpell, be- caufe they fall from the Gofpell, and this muff fatisfiethe, fctuple propofed. It is an eafy thing for men of Ability and Eloquence; to gild over the molt abfurdand-inconfiflent Interpretationof Scripture, with force appearance offgnificancy: though Imuff needs fay, I know not lightly, when, nor by whom, pretending to any fobriety, it bath been more unhappily, or unfuc- cesfidlyattempted, them by Mr Goodwin in this place, as upon due confide- rationwill be made further appeare.For, I. Firft, to grant that the Foundation ofGod may be faid fo far tobe the Gofpell becaufe hisEternall Purpofe, foexpreffed, is therein revealedwhich is the interpretationMr Goodwin propofeth; I afke r. Whether theApoftle applyes himfelfeto remove the Scruple ingene- rated in the minds.ofBelievers, about their owne falling away, upon Con- fideration ofthe Apoflafie ofothers, and to anfwer the Obje&ton arifing thereupon? This Mr Goodwin grants in the Head, though in the Branches of his Difcourfe,, hecalls in inquiriesquite of another nature; as, that a Reafon is inquired after, why men fallfrom the Gofpell, and a fufpicion is fuppofed. toartfe ofthe Truthofthe Gofpell, becaufeCome fell from it: Things, that have not the leaft intimation in the 'words, or Context ofthe place, nor of any fuch evideucefor their intereft in the bufineffe in hand, that Mr Goodwin durll take them for ingredients in the cafe under confederation;when he himfelfepropofed it fo that he was inforced tofoyft in this counterfeit cafe, to giveTome colour to the Interpretation of the words, introduced. But yet thismuff not be openlyowned, but intermixed with other Difcourfes, to fend afidethe lInderflanding ofthe Reader from bearing in mínde the true State ofthe Cafe by theApoflle propofed, and by himfelfe ackowled- ged: So thatthis Difcourfe definit inpifcem 6c. 445. 2. Thecafe being fuppofed as above, I Ake, whither the Apoftle inten- ded aRemoveall ofthescruple, and Anfwer to the Ob)ebfion, as far at leaft, as the onewascapable of being removed, and the other of being anfwered? This (I fuppofe) will not be Scrupled, or Obje&ed againft,being indeed fully granted inStating theOccafion ofthe words. For wee mutt at leaft allow the Holy Ghoft to fpeakepertinently towhat he dothpropofe; then, 3. I further inquire, whither any thing whatever be in the leaft fuited to theRemoveall oftheScruple and Objethon propofed, but only thegiving oftheScruplers and Objeifors, the bell Affurance, that upon folid Grounds, and Foundations could be given, or they were in truth capeableof that what they feared fhould not come upon them;and that, notwithftanding the deviation ofothers, themfelves fhould be preferved; and then 4. Seeing that the femmeof the"fenceofthewords given by Mr Goodwin amounts tothefe two Affertions', r. That the Dolrine of the Gofpellis True andPermanent; 2. That Godapprooves for the prefent all, who.for theprefent believe, fuppofing that there is nothing in theGofpell, teaching the Perfeve- ranceoftheSaints: I Akeyet,whither there beany thing in this Anfwer ofthe Apoffle, (fo interpreted) able togive the leaft fatisfaltion imaginable to the Confciences, and Hearts ofmen making the Obje&ion mentioned? For is it not evident notwithftanding any thing here expreffed, that they, and a-. veryBelieverin the world may Apo.fîatife, and fall away into Hell ? Say the poore Believers, Such, and fuch fall away from the Faith: Their eminent ufefulneffe in theirProfefiiion, beyond perhapswhat we are able todemon ftrateofour felves, makes us feare, that this abominable defellionmaygoe on; and