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C Ap.111.§,51. Farther Obfervations from Mat.24.i4. yo then is that,which is hereaffirmed; Godhaving chofen fome, or Eleiled them toLife, according to thepurpofe whichhe purpofed in himfelfe, and faith being Ephdi.g. befrowed on them, they believing on the account oftheir being ordained to e. Att.13.48. ternall life, it is impo 161ethey (hould be feduced, fo as tobe thrown downe from that (late and ConditionofAcceptance with God, (for the fubfranceof it,) wherein they ftand. 4.5 I. Some fewObfervationswill further cleare the minde ofthe HolyGhofr, and obviate the exceptionsthat are put inagainft our receiving thewords in their plaine, proper, obviousfignification; Obferve then. I. Upon the intimation ofthe Great Power and PrevalencyofSeducers, our Saviour adds this asa matter ofgreate Confolation to True andSound Believers, that notwithfranding all this all their attemptshowever advanta- gedby force or fubtility,yet they (hall be preferved: This thewhole Context inforceth us to receive, and our Adverfaries to confeffe,that at leaft a great difficultyoftheir fedú&ion is intimated. And it arifes with no leffe Evidence, that this difficulty is diftinguifhing, in refpe& ofthe Perfons expofed to fe- duítion;that fome areEle&, who fhouldbe feduced , if it werepoffible: o- thers not, that may and (hall beprevailed againft. 2, The Bottomeofthe Confolation in thefreedome of the Perfonshere fpokenof;from falling under the prevailing Power ofSeducers, confifts in this,that they are the Elett ofGod; fuch as in a perfonall Confideration are ChofenofGod from all Eternity, tobe kept and preferved by his Poii'er to Salvation, notwithfranding any Interveniencesor Oppofitions,whichhewill fuffer to lye in their way. But (faith MrGoodwin) Theft men , at leali before theirCalling, are as lyableto bedeceivedorfeduced asother men: this is their owne Confeffon, and Paulfaies, that theywerefomtimes deceived. Titus 3.3. Anf. AnException doubtleffe unworthy him thatmakes it,who, had he not refolved to fayall,thatever had been Paid by any, to the bufineffe in hand, would fcarcely (I prefume) have made ufe thereof; The fedu&ion of perfons isnot;oppofed to their Election, but their Believing. Mention is made of their Eletiion,to diftinguifh them from thofeother Profeffors, which fhould be feduced: and todifcover the Foundation oftheir ¡lability under their try- alls,but it- is ofthem as Believers(in which confideration theAttempts offedu- cers are advanced againft them)that he fpeakes. It is not the (educingofthe Elell, as Elet1; but ofBelievers,who are Elect, and becaufethey areEle&ed, that is denyed. 3. That it is a fedu&ion unto a totall and finali departure from Ch rift andFaith in him, whofe impoflibility, in refpe&ofthe Ele&ion, is here af- fertedBut (faithMr Goodwin Cap. ro.Se&. a 6.pag. i 8a.) 7his is toprefume not to Argue, or Believe: for there is not the lealf Ground in the word,whereon to build fuch an Interpretation. But the Truth is, without any prefumption, or much labour for proofe, the falfity ofthis Exception will quickly appeare to any onethat (hall but view theContext.It isevidently fuch a feduttion,as they are expofed unto, and fall under, who indure not unto the end, that they may be Saved, v. 13. And they, who are excepted upon the account mentioned, are oppofed to them, who being feduced, and their Love beingmade cold, and their Iniquityes abounding, perifh everlaftingly. v. 11,12. 4, It is then-a deniallof their being call out by the power offeducers, from their frate, and condition ofBelieving, and Acceptation with God, wherein they ftand,that our Saviour here affertsand gives out to their confo- lation: they (hall not befeduced, that is, drawne offrom that flate,wherein they are, to a frate ofUnregeneracy, Infidelity, and Enmity toGod, fothat as