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from the Immutability ofGod's Purpofes. CA P.IV.4:56. theEltablilhment of theTruth we have in hand. Thofe, whomGod hath 95 purpofedby effe&uall meanesto preferve to the enjoyment of EternallLife and Glory in his Favour andAcceptation, cannever fo fall from his Love, or be fo caft out ofhis Grace, as tocome (port ofthe end defigned, or ever be totally reje&ed ofGod. The Truth ofthis propofition depends upon what bath beenPaid, and mayfartherbe infifted on, concerning the unchangeable tlefle,and Abfoluteneffe of the Eternall Purpofes ofGod, the Glory whereof men (hall never be ableSacrilegioufly to robbehim of. Thence the Afump- tion is,concerning all true Believers, and truly fan&ified perlons, are thefe Purpofesof God,that they {hall be fó preferved to fuch ends &c.asbath been abundantly proved by an indu&ionofparticular inflames, and therefore it is impofíìble they{hould ever be focaft out oftheFavour ofGod,as not to be infallibly preferved to the End. Which is our Second Demonftration of the Truth inhand. S4 Plir.iiMMI40 CÄP.IV. r. An entrance into the Confederationof the Covenant ofGrace, and our Argument from thence,for the Unchangeablene(ie ofthe LoveofGoduntoBelievers. 2. The intendment of theenfuing dif- courfe. 3. Gen.17.3. openedand explained. with the confirmation ofthe Argument to hand from thence. 4. That Argumentvindicated and cleared ofObiettions. 5. Confirmed by tome obfervations. 6. krem.32.v. 38,39,40. compared withCap. 3í.v.32,33. The Truth under confederation from thence clearely confirmed. 9.The certainty , immutability , and infallible aceomplifhment ofall the Promifesof theNew Covenant, demonftrated, 1. From the removal( ofall caufesofAlteration. 2. From the Mediator, and his undertaking therein.3. From the Faithfulneffe ofGod. 8. One inftance from the former confiderations. 9. The indeavour of M.G. toAnfwer ourArgument from this place. ro. His obfervation on,& from the Text,con- fidered: a. Thispromife not made to the Jewes only: 2.Nor toall the Nation of the 'ewes, pro- ved fromRem. l: 3. notintendingprincipallytheir deliverance from Babylon. 1. His infe- rences from hisformer obfervations weighed: 1. The Promifemade to the body of the People ofthe Jewes Typically only: 2. An Expofition borrowed ofSocinur Rejet8ed: 3. The Promife not appropriated to the time oftheCaptivity: and the difadvantage enfuing to M.G. caufe up- on fuch an Expofition. 12. Theplace i nfifted on compared !with Ezekti.iy,18,19,20.That place cleared: a 4thOblation Anfwered: this Promife alwaies fulfilled: the Spiritualipart ofit accomplifhedduring the Captivity:Godsintention not fruftrated. How farre the civillprofpe- rityof theJewes wasconcerned in this Promife. Promifesof Spiritual! and Temporali things compared. The Covenant ofGracehow farte conditional!. 13, 14: M.G's fenceofthis place expreffed : borrowed from Fanffnr Socinur: the inconfiftency ofit with the mindof theHoly Ghoft,demonftrated:alfowith what himfelfe hath elfewhere delivered: no waytufted to the An- fwer ofour Argument from the place. 15. Thefamelurerpreration farther difproved. an im- mediate divine efficacyheld out in the words,Converfionand pardon offinnes promifed : diffe- renced from theGrace & Promifes ofthe Old Covenant Contribution of meanesput by M.G. in the place ofefkftuall operation ofthe thing it 'elfe, farther difproved. r6. How, when , and towhom this promifewas fulfilled,fartherdeclared: An Objettionarifing upon that confidera- - anfwered. uy.Conieauresafcribed to God by MrG. The foundationreall of all Divine Predittion: the Promife utterly enervated, and rendred of noue efflf by Mr G. Expofition:ers conSftencywith theProphetic§of the Relation ofthe Jewes. 18.Theelote of the Argument fromthe Covenant of God. Aving (hewn the Vnchangeable Stability of'the Love and Fa- vour ofGodtowardshis Saints, from the immutability of his own Nature and Purpofes, manifefted by an Indu&ion offund ry paricular Inftances from eminent places of Scripture, wherein both the oneand the other are held out as the foundation of what we affirme: I proceedto further cleare&demonftrate the fame impor- tant 4. 1: