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CAP.IV.§:6. IeYGm :3;38,39&c, Comparedwith lerern:3t.3z33. 98 that Godhathwitnefl'ed the contrarytruth to their hearts. Are we in the Covenant ofGrace left toour owne Hearts, Wayes, and Walkittgs? Is it not differenced from that which is abolifhed? Is it not the great diftinguifhing s cor,r. ao. CharaEEer ofit, that all thePromifes ofit are liable, & 'hall certainly be ac- Heb.7.22. complifhed in Jefus Chrift ? & 8.7,8,9. One place I fhall adde more,wherein our intendment is pofitively expref- $: 6. fed, beyond all poffibilityof any colourable evafion , efpecially confidering theExplication, Enlargement, andApplication, which in other places it bath received. Theplaceintended is Jeremy 32. v. 38,39,40. They (hall be myPea- ple,and I will be their God; and., willgive themone heart, and oneway,that they mayfeare mefor ever,for the goodofthem, and their Children after them , and i willmake an everla.11îng Covenant with them, that Iwill not turne away from them to doe them good, but Iwill putmyfeare in theirhearts, that they Jball not depart fromme; in conjun&ion with thofe words ofthe fame importance. Ch. 3 r, v: 31,32,33. Beholdthe claim come, faith the Lord , that i will make a new Covenant with the houfe ofIfrael, and thehoufe of7udah, not according to the Co- venant that Imade with their Fathers; but this 'ball be my Covenant, that iwill make with the houfeofIfrael after thofe daies,faith the Lord, I willputmy Law in their inwardparts, andwrite it in their hearts and I will be their God, and theypall be my People, and theyfhall teach no more everymanhis Neighbour, and every man hisBrother,faying, Know the Lord;for they 'hall allknow mee,from the leaftofthem to the greatefl ofth.em,faith the Lord,for .1 willforgive their iniqui- ties, andremember theirfinnes no more. 1. The Theftsunder demonftration is dire&ly, andpofitively affirmed, in moftfignificant, and emphaticall words , by Godhimfelfe : feeing then the Teftimonyofhisholy Prophets and Apofiles, concerning him are fo excepted againfi, and fo lightly let by, let us try if men will reverence himfelfe, and ceafecontending with him, whenhe appeareth in judgement. Saith he then to Believers, thofe whom he taketh intocovenant with him, This is my Cove- nant with you (in the performance whereof his Allfufficiency, Truth, and Faithfulneffe with all other his glorious Attributes are eminently engaged)I will beyour God ( what that expreffion intends is known, and the Lord here explaines, by inftancing in fome eminent Spirituali mercy thence flowing, as Sant`lifecation, and Acceptancewith him by the forgiveneffeoffinnes) and thatfor ever in an everlafling Covenant, that He will not turne away from them to doe themgood. This plainely God frith ofhimfelfe, and this is all we fay of him in thebufineffe, and which (having fogood anAuthor) we muff fay,whe- ther men will heare, or whether they will forbeare: Whether it be right in the fightofGod to hearken unto men, more then unto God, let all judge. Truly they havea fad tafke inmy Apprehenfion,who are forcedto fweat and labour toalleviate and takeofftheTeftimony ofGod. 2. Secondly,That the way the Lord propofeth to fecurehis Love to his, is upon terries ofAdvantageofGlory and Honour to himfelfe, to take away all fcruple which on that hand mightarife, isfully alto expreffed : Sinneis'the only differencing thingbetween God and man; and hereunto it bath adouble influence: Firft, Morali in itsguilt, defervingthat God fhouldcafe off a fanner, and prevailingwithhim upon the account ofjufticefo to does Secondly, Ef- ficient, by canting men through itspower and deceitfulneffe, to depart from Heb.3, 1: God, until!, as back-gliders in heart ,they are filledwith theirowne waies. Take Prov.r. 31. away thefe two, provide for Security on this hand , and there is no poflible 14.14. cafe imaginable, of feparation between Godand man oncebrought toge- ther in Peace andUnity. For both thefe doth Godhere undertake; for the firft (faith he)I willforgive their Iniquities, and remember theirfinnesno more. Cap.