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Cn P.IV.4: 80. Mr G's Obfervations uponGen.r7,3. too med byblond) this Covenant muff be ratified; confider who this is, andwhat hebath done for theeftablifhing ofit. There it one God, and one Mediator be- tween GolandMan, theMan Chrit Jeff's. 1 Tirn.2.5. He is the furety of this 2eVansent. Heb.7.22. The Mediator a this better Covenant, eftablifhedupon bet- terPromifes Heb:8. 6. neither is this if ety or Mediator fubje& to change. He is the fameyefterday, to day, and for ever. Heb. 13.8 But though he be fo in himfelfe, yet isthe work fo, that is committed to him? faith the Apoftle, all the Promifes of God are yea andamen in Jeff'sChrifi, to the gloryofGodby us, 2 Cor: t.20. Godbath in him, and by him , afcertainedall thePromifes of the Covenant, that not oneof them fhould be broken, difanulled , fruflrate , or come theta ofan Accompliíhment. God hathfoconfirmed them in him, that he hath at his deathmadéa Legacy of them, and bequeathed them in a Te- ffamentary difpenfation to the Covenanters. Heb: 9. 15,16,17. and what he bath farther done for the Affuring ofhis Saints abiding with God, (hall after- ward bedeclared. 3. Thirdly, the Faithfulnefe of God is oftentimes peculiarly mentioned in reference to this very thing, the God . that keepeth Covenant is his Name, That which he hath tokeeps, is, all that inCovenant he undertaketh: now in this Covenant he undertaketh: Firft, That he will never forfakeus: Secondly, That wefhall never forfake hint: his Faithfulneffe is engaged to both thefe; and ifeither part fhould faile, what would the Lord doe to his great name , The Godthat keepeth Covenant? 4.8 Notwithffanding the undertakingof Godon both fides in this Covenant, notwithftandinghis Faithfulneffé in the performance ofwhat heundertaketh, notwithftanding the Ratificationof it in thebloud ofJefus, and all that he bath done for theconfirmationof it, notwithftanding its differing from the Covenant,that was difanulled on this Account, that that was broken , which this (hall never be, (that beingbroken, not as to the truth ofthe Propofition wherein it is contained, Doe this &Live, but as to the fttcces ofit inbringing anyto God) notwithftanding the SealeoftheOath that God let unto it; they (I fay) who notwithflanding all thefe things, will hang the u.nchangeableneflè ofthis Covenant ofGod uponthe flipperineffe, and uncertainty, and lubrici- tyofthe Will ofMan, let them walke in the light of the Parkes, which them- felves have kindled, we walke in the light of the Lord our God. 4.9. When firft I perufed Mr Goodwin's Exceptions to this Teflimony (Cap. so. Set1.52,53,54 ,55,56. Pag.219,2.20,221,222,223,'224.) finding them oppofed not fomuch,nor fodire&ly to our inference from this place,as to the deGgne, intendment, and arguing ofthe Apofile Rem.9,to, 1 ta' chapters, and the re- inforcingof theObje&ionsby him,anfwered,caflingagain theStone ofoffence in the way,by him removed,I thought to have paflèd it without anyRep/y,be- ing not convinced,that it.was poffible for theAuthor himfelfe to befatisfied ei. ther withhis own expofition ofthis place, or his exceptions untoburs; but ar- riving at length to the doleofthis difcourfe,I found him quafi re preclarége/tá, to triumph in his vi&ory,exprefling much confidence,that the WorldofSaints who have hitherto bottomed muchoftheir Faith& confolation,on theCove- pant ofGod in thefe words expreffed,will veile their faith Sc underftanding to his uncontrouleableDi&ates, &not once make mentionofthe name ofGod in this place any more. Truly for my part, I muff take the boldneffeto fay, thatbefore the coming forth ofhis LearnedTreatife, I had read,& (according tomy weake ability)weighed and confidered what ever either Arminian, or Socinians (from the Founder ofwhich Se&, their and hisInterpretation of this place is borrowed) hadentred againít the interpretation infítedon, that I couldby anymeanes attaine the fight of, and was notin the leaft (hakenby any