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CA P.V.§.8. OfPaticular Promifes, flowing fromGods Love. r r 6 X. That all Breaches, and Differences between him and us be removed; perfe&Peaceand Agreement made, andwe rendred acceptable , and well pleating in hisfight. Thefe are the termes,whereon they Eland to"whomhe is aGod inCovenant: For the Accompli{b.ment of this, is the firfl inainefireame, thatfloweth from the former Fountaine, namely the great Promife ofgiving Chrifl to us, and for us, who is Peace: Ephef.2. rq.. And whoof God is made unto usWifdome, Righteoufneffè, Santlification, andRedemption, a Cor: r. 3o. Who loves us, andwafbeth is in his owne blood, andmakes us Kings, and Priefis to Godandhis Father. Revel: r . 6. Giving himfelfefor his Church that he might purify, andcleanfe it, with the wafhingofwater, by the word, that he might pre- font it tohimfelfe a glorious Church, not having fpot or wrinkle, or anyfuch thing, Eph.5,26,27 but that itfhouldbe Holy and withoutblemifh. Doing and accomplifhing all Tit.2.t4. Gen.3.15. things, that are required forthe fore- mentioned Ends ; And this is the firfl Job.19.25. maine Streame,that Howes from that Fountaine. Chrifl as aRemdeemer, aSa- Eph.2.14. 9eó.2.17. viour, a Mighty one, a Prieft, a Sacrifice, an Oblition, a Rnfoe, our Peace, "Ep11. s.2. Righteoufnefle , and the Author of our Salvation , is the Subject matter ITim.2.6. thereof. 2. That we may be kept and preferved meet for communion with him, asour God, and forthe enjoyment ofhim, as our Reward. For this End,flows forth theother great Streame from the former Fountaine, namely, the Pro- mileoftheHoly spirit, which he gives us, to make us meet for the inheritance coat.ix. with the Saintsin Light, toput forth andexercife towardsus,all theA&sofhis Love,which are needfull for us, and toworke in us the Obedience, which he requires,and acceptsofus in Jefus Chrifl, fo prefervingus for himfelfe. This n 59 2t Promife oftheSpirit in the Covenant, with his worke and peculiar difpenla- Ezek, n.21. tions, is plentifullywitneffed in very many placesofthe Old Teftament, and 01.36.26,27 New; forewhereofmuffafterwards be infifted on : Hencehe is fometimes John 14. t s, 16.&c. called"the Promife o f the Covenatt, Aeris 2.59. The Pronrifè isto you; whichPro- mife isthat which Chrift receiveth from his Father v:33. even the 'Promife of the HPly Ghofl. I (hall only adde, that though this be a great Streame, flow- ing from the firfl Fountaine, yet it comes not immediately thence, but iffues put from the Streame before mentioned,the Promife ofthe Lord JefusChrifl; John 14. 16 for he is given by him untous, as procured for us , and given only unto Ga1.4:6. his. 4: 8. Now from thefetwograndSreames, doe a thoufand Rivolets flow forth for our refreshment. All the mercy that Chrift hath purchafed , all the Graces that the Spirit'clothbring forth, ( which in the former defcription I call , all things ,that are either required in them', or needfull to them, to make them accep- ted before God, andto bring them to anenjoyment of him) all Promifes ofMer- cy, and Forgiveneffe, all PromifesofFaith and Holineffe, ofObedience and Perfeverance, ofJoy andConfolation, ofCorre&ion, Affliéìion; and Delive- rance; they all flowfrom thefe: that is, from the matter of thofe Promifes, doth the matter ofthefearife, and hence are theenfuing Corollaries. r. Who ever bath an interefl in any one Promife, bath an interefl in them all, and in the Fountaine-Love,from whencethey flow. He to whoma- ny droppe oftheir fweetnefle floweth, may follow it upunto the Spring: Were we wife, each tallofMercy would lead us to theOcean ofLove.Have we any hold ona Promife, we may get upon it , and it will bring us to the Maine, Chrifl himfelfe, and the Spirit, and fo into the bofome ofthe Father. It is our folly to abide upon a little, which is given us meerely to make us preffe for more. 2. That themoll ConditionallPromifes, are to berefolved into abfolute, , and inconditionall Love. God,who hathpromifed life upon Believing, bath pro-