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CA P.V.4.2,3. TheTetimonyofPeter Mártyr confidered. 124 which_is-tnoft certaine (take it inwhat fenceyou will) he did never follow him in but only ashe gave him his bodily attendance, in his going up and downe. He was never admitted tobe witneffe of his Refurre&ion, the time being nöt yet come, wherein adifcoverywas tobe made of the hypocrifie of ' yudas,that he might have fpace to carry on the worke which he had to do, and the number ofthofe, who ina peculiar manner were tobeare witneffe to the compleatingofthe wholeworke of Regeneration in the Refurredion of Chrift, being twelve, hewho was afterwards admitted into that number As 1.21. being onethat now followed him,our bleffed Saviourtelleth them indefinitely to their confolation, what will be the Glorious Mite of their following him, and bearing witneffe to him, in this worke. That which isproraifäry in the wordes, is made to them,who forfooke all and followed him in the worke mentioned, which affuredly he, who was alwaies a theif', a Divell, a covetous person, thatfollowed not in the Maineof the worke it felfe,was none of;thát Promife being afterwardsfulfilled to another then prefent with Chrift. It is granted, ifthe ref{ ofthe twelve had fallen away, youmay fuppofe of them what youpleafe: that they might fall away,is to begge that,which youcannot prove, nor will ever be grantedyou, though you fhotild refolveto ftarve your felfe,ifyou get it not: Eut this is 4. Confirmed out ofPeter Martyr, whole Doúrine it is , that the Promifes of God are wont to be madewith a refpeft unto the prefent e9 ate andcondition things, withmen: that is , they fall beperformed unto menabiding underthof e qualifications, unto which they are made; asfor example. What Promifes:foever God maketh to Relievers, with refßeft had to their Faith, or as they. are Believers, are notto be lookedon as performeable, or obliging the maker of them unto them, in cafe theyfhallrelapfe into their former unbeliefe. Anf. It is too well known, how, and towhat end, our Author cites Peter Martyr, and men ofthe fame judgement with him, in this Controverfy,& to how little Advantage to his Caufe with difcerning men , he hathdone it. In the fame place,from whence thefe words are taken, the Authordiftinguitheth of thePromifes ofGod, and telleth you , that fome of them are conditional!, which are (faithhe) ofa Legall nature, which only thew the connexion be- tween theCondition,or Qualificationthey require, and the thing they promífe thereunto: and fuch arethefewhereof he fpeakes: but others hetells you,are Abfolute and Evangelicall, not depending on any Condition in us at all; and fohe tells us, out ofChryfèflorne, that this ofour Saviour Mat.19.. 28'. is ofthe former fort; and the Accomplifhment of fuch like Promifesas thefe 5 He in- formesus to confift not in the a&uall fulfilling of what is conditionally af- firmed, but in the certain truth oftheaxiom, wherein the condition, and the Event as fuck, are knit together. 2. To theExample urged, I {hall only askewhat Mr Goodrein's judge- ment isofthe Promifes, that God bath made to Believers, that they (hall ne- ver relapfe into their former flare of unbeliefe, and on what condition they are máde? Whether his Promife ofhis Love unto, andAcceptanceof Belie- vers, whereinhe will abide for ever, doe not inferre their Prefervation in the Condition, wherein they are (i e. Believers), will in the next place fallun- der our Confederation. Your Conclufion is 3 in the fence explained you ad- mit the Propofrtion;whatfoever God promifeth is certaine,that is,it (hall cer- tainly be fulfilled, or it (hall not. There is moreover no (mall contribution offtrength, asto our eftablith- 4. 13' ment in theFaith ofit,given toour Propofition, by the liignall ingagement of the FaithfullneffeofGod, for the Accomplifhment ofthe Promifes, which he makes unto us; as it is manifeft in thofe wordsof theApoftle, t Cor:1.9. God is faithful!