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A Preface to theReader. purpofeofGod. ,;uicunq, (faith he) nonTentator, hoc neceffaria of à deo,quodnon tentatur. Sicht I I a pars t 3 i prinni probat: &per zzum primi, `:Dcsu neseffariò haberaliquematlom volun- tatte circa totem non rentationem, & nonnoliitionem,.quia tune per decimumprim: non tentaretur, ergo volritione,n, quaper idemdecimtïm ipfiam :extort nonfink , &c. 'Others render it asa Gift fuperadded to faith and love, ofwhich Judgment Aúfin feems to have been, who,is follow- ed by fundry of the Schoolmen, with manyofthe Divines ofthe reformed Churhes. Hence is that Conclu1 on ofAlvarez: tie Antil:lib: ro. difp: ro3:fecundeem fidemCatholecam afferen- deemof , pratergratiamhabitnalem & virtutesinfolas.efe neceffarium, adperfeverandum en bo- noof& infinem,auxiiium fpeciale,fopernaturalefcilicet donornPerfeverantia.Arid of this propo tition he faies , in hat emus Catholici Canveniunt. OfthefameJudgmentwas his Mailer Tho- mas: Lib s.con: Gen: cap: 155. Where alfq he gives this Reafon of his opinion; Mudquodna trait' foie of variabile, adhocqáóófigatur in une , Indiget auxilio alicujus moventis immobilis; fedliberumArbitrium , etiamexiflens ingratia habituali, edbut manes variabile., & flexibile á` bono in malnm; ergo adhoc good figatur inbone,& perfeveret invllo iefg., adfinem,tndiget fpeciali Dei Auxilio : The fame Argumenthaving beenufed before-friar by Bradwardine, though to ;another purpofe , viz a not to proveperfeverance to be a roper-addedgift to layinggrace, which ( asbefore was obferved ) he denyed,but tomanifeft that it was immediatly and who- ly fromGod : His words are, lib: z. cap. 8. Cotol: Sicut fecundiempremi doter, Omne quadefl Natsrale,&non eft perfe tale,fedeflmutabile in non tale,fi manere debut: immutatum,oportet quid imitator continue alienperfe fixo;quare & continue geeilibitjuflu;Deo. The faine School -men alfo( a generationofinen exceeding ready to fpeak ofany thing,though they know not what they fpake,nor whereoftheyaffirme , ) go yet farther fome of them and will diftinguih between thegiftofperfeveranse,and thegiftconfirmation in Grace. He before mentioned,after a long difpntepag. ( 004 ) concludes, exhisfequitur differentiam inter donumperfeverantia , confirmations ingratia(he meanes thatwhich is granted in via ) in hoc confiflere , grand do- nomperfeverantia nullam perfellionem intrinfecam conflitnt in ipfágrog babituali , quam ta- menperfetlionem intrinfecam illi triboit Confrmario inGratis. What this intrinfecal perfeâion ofhabitual grace given it by confirmation,is he cannot tell : for , in thofewho are focon- firmed in Grace , he afferts only ininpeccabilityupon fuppofition , and that not alone from their intrinfecal principle, as it is with the bleffed in heaven,bnt from help and affrftancealfo dayly communicated fromwithout:Dorandru in 34. 3.g,4, allignes the deliverance from fin which thofe who are confirmed in grace doeobtaine unto the HolyGhoft : fo farwell:but he kicks down his milke by his addition, that he Both it only by the removeal of all occafion offin : But ofthefe perfons, and their Judgment in the point under debace,more afterwards. For the thing it felfe Taft propofed;on what foot of account it is placed and on what foun- dation afferted The Treatifeit (elfe will difcover. That the thingaymed at , is not to be f raightned or tefirained to any one peculiarAll ofgrace , will eafily appear. - The main foundation ofthat which we plead for is, The Eternal purpofe ofGod , which his owne na- ture requitals to be abfolutely immmutable and irrevenible. The Eternal All of the will of Goddeigning force to falvationby Chrift , infallibly tobe obtained , for thePrayfe of the; gloryof hisgrace, is The Bottomeof the whole; Even thatfoundation which fiandeth for ever, having this Peale, The Lord knowethwho are his. For the Accomplifhment of this eternal pur- pole , and for the procurement ofall the good things;'that lye within the compafsof it's in tendment are,The Oblation and Intercellion, ( the whole Mediatory undertakingof Chili) taking away finne, bringing in Life and immortality in:erpofed , giving further caufal influ- ence into the truth contended for. In him and for hisfake, as God graciouly, powerfully; and freely gives his Holy Spirt faith , with all the things that accompany falvation unto all them whom he accepts and pardons by his being madejinni for them , andRighteoufnefs since them , fo he rakes them therby into an everlafting Covenant that f call not bebroken, and bath therein given them innumerable promifes that he will continue to be their God for ever , and preferve them to be , and in being his people : to this end , becaufe the princi- ple of Grace , and living to him , as in them inherent, is a thing in i'ts own nature than- gable and Dyable to failing, he doth according to, his promife, and for the Acccom- plifliment ofhis purpofe , dayly make out to them, by his HolySpirit, from the great treafury and florehoufe thereof , the Lord JefusChrift, helpsand [tipplies , encreafing offaith, Love, and Holinefs , recovering themfromfalls, healing their back, flidingsdfrengthening themwith all might according to his glorious power, ontoallpatience and longfeffering Withjoyfolnefi, fo preferving themby his power through faith unto falvation: And in thisway ofdelivering the dolrine contended about, it is clearly made out,that thedifputes mentioned areasneedlefs, Bz; as