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I(d 14.7,8, 9. opened and argued. CAP .VI. 4:t$. ry mom ent, as our walking withGod in its felfe confidered, not relatingto 143 the Unchangeableneflèof his Purpofe, & the efficacyofhis promifed Grace,is apt to doe; what oppofition can there be betwixtthat defection wherewith theyare exercifed , and the kindneffewherewith they are embraced, as to their continuance?As that is laid tobe for a littlewhilefor a woe ent,fo this al- fo may beofno longer abode: It may poffibly be as Jonah's Gourd , that grew up in the morning, and before night was withered ; what then faall become of the foundation of that confolation, wherewith God here refrefheth the fouler ofhis people, confifting in the continuanceofhis kindneffe, in an Anti- thefts to the momentarineffe oftheirdefertion. Leaft that any fhould call this into Queftion,(as our unbelieving hearts are 4 i8 very apt,and skilful' in putting in pleas againft the truth of the Promifes of God,and their accomplifhment towards us) V.9. theLord farther confirmeth the Affurance formerly given, and removeth thofe objeftions', to which through the sophifiry ofSatan, and the sottifhneffe ofour own hearts, it may feem to be lyable.This is(faithhe)as thewatersofNoah: Gods dealing with th4 in thatmercy, which floweth from his everlaf ing kindneffe, is like his deal-. ing with the World in the matter ofthe waters ofNoah., or the flood where- withit was drownedand deftroyed, when he with his,were faved in the Arke. Hecallethupon his Children to confider his dealingswith the World in re- fpe&ofthe flood, Ihavefworne, (faithhe) (thatis, Ihave entred into acove- nant to that end, which was wont tobe confirmed, withanOath , and God being abfolutely faithful' in his covenant, is Paid to fweare thereunto, though there be no expreffe mention of any fuch oath,). that the World fhould no morebe fo drowned as then it was : now ( faith God ) fee my Faithfulneffe herein, it hath neverbeen drowned finte, nor ever (hall be;withequall Faith- fulneflèhave I engaged( even inCovenant) that that kindneffe,which I men. tioned to thee,{hall alwaies becontinued, fothat Iwill not be wroth to rebuke thee,(that is) fo as utterly to .caft thee off, as the World was when it was drowned. But fome may fay, before the fond theEarth wasfilled withvio- lence, andfinne: andfhould it be fo againe, would it not bring another flood upon it? Hathhe Paid hewill not drowne it, notwithftanding any interpofall offinne, wickedneffe, or rebellion whatever ? Yea, faithhe, filch is my Co- venant; I tooknotice in my firIt engagement therein, thatthe Imagination of mans heart wouldbe evillfromhisyouth. Gen:8.2 t. and yet I entred into that folemne Covenant; fo that this exemptionof the World from an univerfall deluge is not an Appendix to the obedience of the World, whichhath been upon force accountsmorewicked fnte, then before; (as in the crucifyingof Chrifi the Lordof Glory, and in rejehting ofhim being preached unto them) butit folely leaneth upon my Faithfulnele inkeeping Covenant, and my Truth in the accomplifhmentof the Oath, that I have folemnely entred into: So is my kindneffeto you;I have made exprefle provifion for your finites and failings therein; loch I will preferve you from , asare inconfiftent with my kindneffetoyou, and fuch will I pardon, as you are overtakenwithal!. When you feean univerfalldeluge covering the face ofthe Earth, ( that is, God un- faithful) to his Oath and Covenant) then, and not till then, fuppofe that his kindneffe canbe "turned fromBelievers. Something is excepted againft this Teftimony, Ch: t r. se11;4. Pag:227. but 4, 19 offo little importance, that it is fcarce worth while to turne alide to the con,- fiderationofit. The fumme is, that thisplacefpeakvth onlyofGodsFaithful/wife inhis Covenant; but that thisfhouldbe the Tenor of the Covenant,that they who once truly believed,fhould by Godinfallibly, andbyafirong hand,againfi all - inter- pofalls