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A ?reface to the Reader. tohave con idered thofe concernments ofhis Author which are obvious to every ordinary enquirer: Vedelius his Editionof Ignatius at Geneva came forth with his notes in the yeare 1623 Tong before either Salmadus,or R1ondellus had written any thing about the fuppofititi- oulnefs of thefe Epiftles: in the e/Ipálogie for Ignatius whereto prefixed,he is forced to labour and fweat in the Anfwer of one, whom he delervedly (tiles VirumDsllilfirnum; arguing ( not contemptibly)that Ignatius never wrote any fuch Epifiles , and that all thofe which were car- riedabout in his name,were falle and counterfeit. But perhaps the Doftor had taken caution ofone ofthe Fathers ofhis Church that á Ge- rovenfbus iftieTypographisPrater fraudes, &faces, C7 pratigiasnon eft quad quicquamexpe5le- mus ( Montacu: Appar: bb.5.Se£1:46.pag:i9. ) and fo thought not fit to look into any thing that comes from them. Efpecially may this be fuppofed to have Come influence upon him , confidering the gentle cenfure added in the next words by that Reverend Father of his church con- cerning the endeavour ofVedelises in his notes on that Edition. Nei Audax ille & impor- tunes Ignati! Cenfor,quicquam actinic at paging, rum implendee prates iofcitiátn,ea incuriam,t impadentiam fingularem ( necfavi magne facerdos ) humadfuun,Genevalifmum antignitatem detorquet invitiffimam, non amen) quodoportuit, Calvinifmumamuftat adantiquitatem. And what I pray is the reafon of his Epifcopal cenfure ? That he fhonld deale with poor Vedelius in that language wherewith no men of his Order , and Authority werewont to deale with preaching Minifters at their vifrtations?Why this poor man in that paffage which you have in theEpiftle to theMagnefians ( in that Edition: p: 56.) where treating, ofthe Ancient Fathers expeiations attic comingof Chrift, retains the common reading of, ate wob ,m ixníAn i 3vv referring the word to their expectation of feeinghim come in the flefh,which upon the Tefti- mony of ourSaviour himfelfe, they defired to fee , and faw itnot , not correcting it by a change ofxo1 nra into xorróv:aix4d`a fo referring it to theirfaith in Chrift and fahationby him asin hisJudgment, heought to have donee 'Idñ uoJ oo's 'p , ñ>,irgr vAfW áoilr+tsr A little thing would provoke the indignationof a Prelate againft any thing that came from Cjeneva. I fay hwould fuppofe,that this might divert out DoElor from calling his eyeuponVidelicet; wholedefenfative would have informed him that there Epiftles had been oppofed as falfe and counterfeit, before ever Salmafiue , orBlondelluc had taken them into confideration; but that. I findinghim fometimes inlftingon thatGeneva Edition. ForwhereasCap: z. Sell: 2: he tells,you that he intends toabide -only upon the Editionof 'brae Vows in Greek, publifhed from the Archives of the Libraryof Lawrence de ctedices, and the Latin Edition publifbed by Bithop VJber,out ofour Library here at Oxford, yet cap. 8 : being preffedwith the Teftimonyof the writers of the Epiftle to the Magnefians, in that Edition callingEpifcopacyrimrsoiok s fn, plainlyintimatinga omparative21(oveltie,mthat order to others inthe Churches, and fearing ( as weil he might) that his tranflationof rei,mpt xi, ors into,theordination ofayoung mar,would fcarce be received by the menofhis own pre- judice ( for Purelyhe neverfuppofed that he thould impole on any other, by fuch grofs fig. ments) he prefers the Vedelian Edition ( where there words arenot fo tiled ) before it:and in- formes us thatfir legendum ( as it isin theGeneva Edition) fuadetrota Epiflola feries. Now thistruly is marvelous come (if theDoftor confulteth Authors any farther , then meetly to ferve his prefent turne ) how he could everadvile with that Edition ofVedelire, , and yet fo confidently affirme , that Salmafiresand Rlondellus were the firft thatrejeéted there Fpiftles, as feigned and counterfeited. But yet a little farther !the firft Edition of there Epi files in-Latine was s 4tagufla Vindeli- corum, an:1529: in Greek at Baf :l 1566: Beforewhich time I fuppofe the Dottor expeas not, that any oppofition thould be made to them,confidering theheaps of filth& dung,that until about thattime , were owned for the off-fpring of the Antient Fathers. Upon theirfirft appearing in theworld whatis the entertainmentthey receive? One who was deadbefore either the Do£lor,oteitherof his Anragonifis were borne, and whole Renown among the peopleofGod, will live when they areall dead,gives them thiswelcome into the world:Ignarium quidobtendunt,fi velintquicquans.üabere mamenti probent Apoflolos legemtalif- fe de quadragrffima, c (imilibus corroptelis. t1(ihil raniis ifl isquafal6 Ignariiiromimeedera funs putidius. '.'toominus tolerabilis ell earum impudentia qui talobus larvis adfalkneltem feberaunt. Cal. in/it. lrb i cap. t 3. Sell: 29. What ever be theJudgmentofourDo&orconcerning this man,(as tome thereare ofwhom C a