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A Preface to the Reader. anfwéred throughly,and removed by D. H. in hisfourthdilerrationwherehe propofes them w Confideration may one day thinke it needful , to be Able to ddìinfa:ifh bccwcen words and things. That Clemens ownes in a Church but two forts of ()dicers the firft whereofhe calls fometimesBifhops fometimes 'Presbyters , the other `Deacons , chit Doc',our himfelfe dothnot deny. That in the Judgment of Clemens nomore were infhttted in the Church is no leis evident. And this carries the convietionof it's truth fo dearely with it that Lombard himfelfe confef- feth , has folosminiflrorum duos ordines Eccdefiamprimitvam ha6uiffe , de ("i' false ',exception Apofioli nos habere. Lib.4.Sen. D.24.Lib.3.ext. It fermes moreos.er that thole Sithops and Deacons in thofe dayes ( as was obfetved ) were appointed to theoffice , by 'and with the con- rem ofthe People, or whole body of the Church: no lets do thole words import, w,v?voax morns f asiiai14as W4o114. OurDollour indeed renders their words applaudente out congratulanteEr. elefa total: and addes (/arid pro imperio j nihil hic de acecptatione totiue &clefæ , fine qult,Bpif- copos &Diaconos a6 Apoftolis CET' Apofolicie viris conftitutos non effe, ex hoc loco concludit Eton- dellus, qua/ qui ex Dei puff u & Apprsbationeroofuuebantnrpopuli drum acceptation indigere putandieffent. Differe:4.Cap.7. 8. lo. Andwho dates takethat confidence apon him, as to affirme any more,what fo great a Dollar hash denyrd? Though the (cope of the place , the MUMof the thing , and (ìrí1 molt common fence of the word here ufcd , being; willingly toContent (as itisaltoufedin theScripture for the moftpart.A1-í:8.t. i Cory.r2)toathing tobe done , or to the doing of it , yet here it mutt betaken toapplaud , or congratulate , or whatelfe ourpoetourpleafes, becaufe he will have it fo. 'aoóyuarxvJ/eealto, muff be Fire wenof the Church , where uthaconflitutionof Officers ishad when that are intended becaufe it is ourDot-tours purpofe to have the words fo rendred. Ex ;info Dei ct Approbation , as though any particular command or opprobation ofGodwere intimated,for theconftitution ofthe Bifhops and Deaconsmentioned , beyond theinfhtution of the Lord Jefus Chrifl, that Elders fhould be ordained in every Church , becaufe this would feeme tobe eaclufive whollyof the content of the people , as any way needful or required CO theirconfitution: which yet as it is praftically falfe,no fuch thing being mentioned by Clemens,who recoutneth the way andmeans whereby Officerswere continued in the Churcheven after the deceafe of the Apostles , and thofe firfi ordained by them to that holy employment ,fo alto is it ar- gumentativelyweake andUnconcluding. God appointed,defigned Saul to be King,approving of his fo being , and yet he would have the people come together tochore him. Soalto was it in thecafe of David. Though the Apofiles in thename & the authorityof God,appointed the Deacons ofthe Church at Hiernfalem , yet they would have t'r,ewhole Church lookout among thomfelves the men to beappointed. And that the ordaining di he Elders was with the peoples Eleetion All. 14. 23. It will ere long be manifefted, that neither our Dollour nor a- ny ofhis Affociates haveas yet difproved. Thispoore thing thepeople,being thepeculiar people ofChrift, the heritage ofGodand Holy Templeunto him &c. Will one day be found to be an other manner ofthing, thenmany of our great Dolours have fnppofed. But he informes us Cap. 4. Sat 3. From that Teftimony whichwe cited before, that the Apoftles in the Ap- pointment ofBithops and Deacons ( for to the words exprelly are ) are laid tiJ a*svuart wiTc. i :. a :. Saith he Revelationibue edoflos offie , quibus demum hæc dignitas communicanda effet ; that is,that they appointed thofe,whom God revealed tothem in extraordinarymanner to be fo ordained, and this is the meaningof Tr; ervQvuun fvg.vvov7ae, and why fo?The holy Ghoft orders concerning the appointment of Deacons data;£r.rev Wede40, i Tim 3. to. That thofe who are tobe taken into office and power in the Church had need firfi to berryed, and appro- ved; is granted. And this workeshe Apoftles give to the multitude of the Church. All: 6. Where yet after the peoples Eleltion , and the Apoftles Approbation, and the trial ofboth,one that was chofen is fuppofed, to have proved none ofthe beft. Andyet of him,and them,are theApoftles laid by Clemens that they did , ,rJ aviouaTi d`eevveetom. But how Thal I it bemade to appeare that, Spiritism probantes, trying or provingby the Spirit , or fpiritually proving them to try whether,theyWere able c5htini filers ofthenewTefament, not ofthe Letter, but ofthe Spirit,proving themby that fpirit,which was promifed unto them to lead theminto all rruth,mufl needs fignifie they were taught whom they fhould appoint by immediate Revelation. To prove by theSpirit orSpiritually the perlons that are tobemade Minigers, or Bifhops,is to have their names revealed tous. Stephen is faid to fpeak, AEI. 6. to. And Paulpurpofed ¿a ,J' ow rt.Ali:tç.at. And we are laid to ferve God,rs r$ aveu!a47i.Gal.5. And