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A Preface to the Reader. pofehim to have had Apprehenfions like chofe in thefe Epiftlesof that furred Order , fer o. miningchore all-conquering Reafons , Which they would have fupplied,himwith all , ro his purpofe in hand ,and pitching onArguments every way lefs cogent and ufeful. But I fay, I fhall not infft on any fuch things as diele , but only, 4 I fay that thereis not inany of the Doftor's excerpts from thofe Epiftles, nor in any paf- fage in them any mention or the loft intimation ofany Church whereunto any Bifbap was . related , but fuch anone, as whole members met altogether in oneplace,and with their Rithop difpofed , and ordered the affaires ofthe Church. Such was that whereunto the holyMar- tyrwas related; fuch were thofe neighbouring Churches, thatrent Bithops, and Elders to that Church ; Andwhen the Toftaurproves the contrary , erit mihimagma eApolle : From the Churches andtheir fiate and Confticution , is the (late and Condition of their Officers, and their Relation to them to be taken. Let that be manifeffed tobe fuch from theappoinc- ment of Jelin Chrift by his Apoftles ordefable in the dayesof Ignatius or before the con- temperationofErclefiaftical Affairer occafionally , or by choyce , ro the civil confhtution of Citties , and Provinces in thofe dayes, as would,or pofably could beare , a rural Diocefan me- tro-political Hierarchic ,¡ and this controverfy will be at end ; When this is by any attempted to be demonftrated I delire it may not be with fuch fenrences as that urged by our Doîtaxr, from Epift : ad Ephef: 'I5T"sc XeisóeT næstòs ii yr.ius , ais: ' ¿ ,'Qi OZ.ot tt zt r shpy7a óetâe's7tt 'Ino'oú xe.gso; yalvs eioir. The expreflion in itconcerningChrift being unfound, unfcriptural, concerning Bijbops unintelligible , or ridiculous: But it may be faid , what need we any more writing, what need wee any truer proof, or Teftimony ? The LearnedDse?our in his Differ- rations Differ: 4.cap:5: bath abundantly difcharged this worke , and proved thefeaven Bijbops ofthefeven Churches mentioned Revel : z. 3 i to have been Metropolitans, or e.4rchBilbops: fo that no juft caufe remaiaes, why we fhould farther contend. Letthen the Reader pardon this my utmoft Excurfion in this digreflion , -to whofe corn. pals I hadnot the leaft thoughts ofgoingforth , at the entrancethereof, and I fhall returne thither whence I have turned.afide. Differt: 4.cap, 5. The Dellour tells us,that,feptem EcclefarumAngeli,non tantumEpifca- pi fed& C9l'etropolita i : e c Archi-Episcopì flatuendifilet. t : e:principalíutatrbium e!ost t ad quos provincia integra & in iis multarum inferiorum erbium ecclefe, earume Epifcopi tasequam adArchiepifcopum amMetropolitanism pertinebant. The Doftour in this Chapter commences per ¡ahem) , and taking it for granted that he bath proved Diocefan Btfbops fufficiencly before, though hehath fcarce fpoken any one word to that purpofe in his whole book, ( for to prove one fuperintending in a Church by the name of Bifhop, others afting in fome kind of Subordination to, him , by the name ofElders, and Presbyters , upon the Account of what bath been offered concer- ning the flare of the Churches in chore,dayes , will no way reach to the maintenance of this prefumption ) he facrifices his pines to theMetropolitical efrrhi-Ppifcopacy dig- nity which as we muff fuppofe is fo clearly founded in Scripture and Antiquity, that they ate as blind as Bats and Moles, who cannot fee the ground and foundation ofit. But fir ft, be it taken for granted that theAngelis of thefever Churches, are taken for the Clovernours ofthofe Churches, then thateach Angel bean Individual Bifbop ofthe Church tò which he did belong. z Be it alfo granted that they were Bijbops of the moft eminent Churchor Churches, in that province ,or Romane political ditlribution of thofe countries , in the managementof the Goverment ofthem,l fay,Bijhops offuch Churcher, not urbium i amei, (as theDoltour termer them)what advanceis made by all this to the AffectationofAMetro- political Arehi-epifcopacy,i cannot as yet difcovet.Thatthey were5ordinary Officers ofChrifi's inftitution relating in their Office , and ordinary difcharge ofit, not only to the particular Churches wherein theywere placed , but tomany Churches alto , no letscommitted to their charge, then there wherein they did retide,the Officers, Rulers, Governours ofwhich Churches, depended on them , not only as to theiradvife, and counfel: but as to theirpower and 7urifdi- gtion , holding their place and employment from them is force part ofthat , which in this undertaking is incumbent on our Doelour to make good , if he will not be fuppofed to pre, yaricate in thecaufe in hand ; To this endhe informes us, SeEI:fecnndâ,that in the newTotta- ment there is in fundry places, mention madeofChurches in the pluralnumber; as'Gal; 1.2r. a Thef: 2514. e.4Efs9.3 1,e-4th 15.4a. r Cor: t6.I. tlal:1. z.Revel, r. r rTome times,ofChurch only in thefngular number ;aseA'Els8.I,i5,4,22.Afts I1.z6,Rom;>6.1. I Cor:i.z. zCor. r.r, rThef:1.t-. Revel:y.a.Revel:z.8,Revel:z.12,18. Now this is an Obferyation ,which as we are not at all beholding to the Dollour for it, no more I fuppofe will there be foundto be to