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TH8 DOCTRINE OF THE SAINTS PERSEVERANCE Explained and Confirmed. OR, s. Acceptation with GOD, Thecertain Permanencyoftheir & 2. Sanaification from GOD, end'itN1EESTED & TI\OVED FROM ETERNALL PRINCIPLES) The )i. a. EFFECTUALL CAUSES -Thereof. 3. EXTERNALL MEANES J I N, I. The IMMUTABILITYofthe vNature 2. Decrees 3. Covenant and q. Promues Of GOD. OBLAT ION 7 2. The and ( Of JESUS CHRIST. INTERCESSION t. Promifes 3. The S 2. Exhortations }Ofthe GOSPELL, 3. Threats J Improved in its Genuine Tendency to Obedience and Confolation. AND VINDICATED InaFull Anfwer to the Difcourfe ofMr JOH N GOODW I N againfl it, in his Book EntituledRedemption Redeemed. With fome DIGRESSIONS Concerning t. The ImmediateeffeEls of the Death of Ch rift. 2. Perfonall Indwelling of the Spirit. 3. Union with Chriff. q. Nature ofGofpell promifes, &c. ALSO A PREFACE Manifefl:ing the Judgement ofthe Antients concerning theTruth con- tended for: with a Difconrfe touching the Epiflles of1G N A T i U S; The EPISCOPACY in them Affertedc and fouie Ani- madverfions on Dr H: H: his Differtations on that Snbje&. By JOHN OW EN Servant of Jcfus Chrifi in the Worke of the Gofpell. OXFOR D, Printed by LEON. LICHFIELD Printer to the University, for 7io. I eMe( n ANNO DOM: 1 654.