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A Preface toghe Reader. and obtained by general confent the Title ofDodos profundur : Lib. z: de Caufa Dei Cap. 8. This Profound Learned Do5lour propofes this Theftsto be confirmed in the following Chapter', quad »ullau viator quantâcunq,gratiâ creato",fubnixuu, folius Arbitrii viribm , vel edam cum adjutorioGratie,paft perfeverare frnaliter,ftne alio 'Dei auxilie(jeciali.In the long difputa- tion following he difputes out of theScriptures, and Ancient writers abundantly cited to his purpok, that there is no palbility of the Perfeverance ofany Believer in thefaith to the end,upen fetch Helper confiderations , and e%ldvantages as Mr. Goodwin propofeth, as theonly meant! thereof That Perfeverance itfelfe is agife of JCod,without which gifr,and Grace, none can per- fevere;the and fpecialtyof that Grace, he expreffeth in the Corollary wherewith he clofeth the Chapter: which is,guod nullus viator,foliw liberi Arbitrii, vel Grade Yiribnu,aut amborumcon- juntlim. fine alio Dei Auxilie fpeciali,peteft perfeverare per aliquodTemples omnino. Further al letting theefficacy offpecial grace , in and for every good workwhatever: His Arguments and Tefiimonies I (hall not need to recite ; they are at hand to thofe who dente toconfute them. After the vindicationof theformer Thefs,Chap. 9. Io. Chap.' t: hepropofeth furtherthis propofitioo, to a right undetfiandingof theDothine ofPerfeverance. 2nodperfeveranria non eft aliquod `Danum Dei creatum,â Charitate,& Gratiâ realiter differens : And theCorollary wherewith he (huts up that difputation is, quad Nomen Terfeverastice nnllam rem abfolutarp ef[emialiter fignificat,fed atcidentaliter, di relative ; Charitatemvidelicet, fivejufpitiam cumre- fpeílu future Permanfionis ufg in Finem , C' quod non improbabiliter pofret dici Perfeverantiatn eh ipfam Relátionembajm. After this knowing wellwhatConclufron would eauly be inferred from these principles, viz : That Terfeverance i.e net really dif inttfromFaith and Leve , that it isfuck .eGrace, and gift of God that who ever it's beftowed uponJball certainly perfevere;namely,that everyone who bath received True Grace, Faith andLove , shallcertainly perfevere : He objeFrsthat tohim- felfe , and plainly grants it to be fo indeed ,cap. 02. And tomake the matter more cleare, chap. t 3: he difputes; that,e4uxilium fine qua radius perfeverat,& per quadquilibet perfeverat, eft Spiretm Sondes, Divinebonitas,c5' voluntas. EveryCauleofbringing sinful man to God, is called by them , 4uxilium : in thefe three , Spiritus Sasiftw , DivingBonitos , tr Voluntaç, he corn prizeth the cheíf Caufes of Perfeverance , as I have alto done in the ensuingTreatife. By [ Diving Yoltontas ] he intendsGod's eternal , and Immutable decree, as he manifefis,cap. 8.9: whither he fends his Reader. His, DivingBonims, is thatfree Grace, whereby Godac- cepts and justifies us as his. Spirtne Sanûm , is Sanilification; So that he affirmes theper/eve- ranee of the Saintsto toms' in the liability oftheir Acceptationwithgod , and continuance of their SanElificarion fromhim,upon the account of his unchangeablepurpofes and Decrees, which is the fumme ofwhat we contend for. And this is part of the DoBrine , concerning the Grace ofGod , and his foveraingty over the wills ofmen, which Bradwardine in his dayes cryed out fo earnefily for the Defence of ro God & man again(' the Pelagian encroachement , whichwas made upon it in thofe dayes: Thus he turnes himfelfe in the conclufion ofhis Book, to the'Pope,and Church of Rome, with zealous earnefines for theirInterpolation, to the Determinationof there Controverfyes : ut or iniquè loguentium( faith he) obftrnatur,frexie genibus cordes neiimploro Ecclefiam , pracipsse Rcmanam, qua fummâ eflurboritatevigeredignofcitur , guaranis ipfa determinare dignetur, quid circa Premiffas Catholics fit tenendum. Non cramfine periculo intalibm erratur. Simon der- mis 3 exnrge ( fpeakingto the Pope) eximegladium , amputa quaff finiftra haretica pravitatis,' defende, Cr protege Catholicamveritatem. Torrò etfi Dominus ipfe in Petri navicula darmiat, ni- mietateTempeftatáscompulfm, ipfumgm4,fiducialiterexcitabo,quateneuSpirituaoris Jeri Tempe- flarefedatâ tranguillum facial & ferenum. Abfit autem,ur qui in prorâ bujui Naviculepervigil laborabat,jam in poppi fuper cervicali darmiat, vel dormitet.Lib.3.Cap. g 3. With this earnefinels above 300 years agoe did thisprofoundly learned man press the Popes to a determination of thefe Controverfyes, againfl the Telagians,and their Succeffours in his Schooles. The fame fuit bath ever since beencontinued by very many Learned men,(in every Age,)of thecommunion oftheChurch ofRome,crying out for the 'Papal definitive Sentence againft the Pelagian errours creptintotheir Church ; efpecially bath this out-cry withfuppli- caton been renewed by rheDominican fryars,ever lince the 7efuites have fo cunningly guilded over thatTelegian Poyfon,& let itouc,as the bell, & moli wholfome food for the HolyMo- ther , and her children. Yea with fetch earnefines bath thisbeen in the loft Age purfued, by Agents in the CourtofRowe:that (a Congregation de Auxiliia being purpofely appointed)rt was generallyfuppofed onewhile, that theywould have prevailed intheir fuit, and have ob- F 3 tamed