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CR P. I. 4. 16.17. Whatfort ofBelievers perfevere to wicked, in refpe&of their defignement to Tome outward work , which by them God will bring about are Paid to be fan&ified : diftinguifhing gifts, With dëfignation to fome diftint employment, is a bottome for this Apel- lation; though their gifts may be recalled, and the employment taken from them. ifai r 3.3. We confeffe Perfeverance, not to bea proper and infepara- ble adjunìíofthisfubjec, nor to belong unto fuch perfons as fuch : though they may hive a right to it, it is upon another account:yet in the purfuit of this bufineffe, it will appeare thatmany ofour adverfaries Arguments, finite thefe men only, and prove that fuch as they, may be totally reteétedofGod whichnone ever denied. 4. i 6, Againe, the Word is ufed in an Evangelicall fence, for inward purity and Lnk.,i 5. reall Holynef%,whence fome are faid tobeHoly, and that alto two ways!: for Rom. 6. t9.. either they are fo really, and in theTruth ófthe thing it Idle, or in eftimation. 2Cor.7.t. only, and that either of themfelves, or others- That many have accounted Ephc t.4. themfelves to be holy,and beenpure in their owne eyes,whoyet were never wa- gs 4.24. fhedfrom their iniquity,&have thereupon cryed peace to themfelves,I fuppore lk 4.7. '13' needs no proving. It is thecafe ofthoufands in the world, at this day: they Fieb.12.14. thinke themfelves Holy, they profeffe themfelves Holy, and our Adverfaries. '(.1' i n&qw proove(none gainefaying) that fuch as there %ay backflyde from what ór3 ¡2 they have,andwhat they feeme to.have, and foperil"' under the finne ofA ra..65.5 poftacy. Againe fome are fayd to beHoly, upon the fcoreoftheir being fo fa. 7.4849 in the fteemeof others , which was and is the condition of Many falfe Hy- ifa. 9.45+4. 1 Thcf.5.3. p ocrites in the Churches ofChrift both primitive and Moderne. Like them 1,6e).2529. who arePaidto believe in chrifi upon the account of the profeffion they l2 oh i'tt.6. t6. made fo to doe,yethe wouldnot trailhimfelfe with them, becaufe he knew what was in them,Suchwere Judas, Simon Magus and fundry othersofwhom thefe things are fpoken, which they profeffedof themfelves, and were bound to anfwer,.and which others efteemed to be in them. Thefe 2 het.2.T., fome labour with all their ftrength, to make true believers, that fo they All. synoA. may cart the flumbling-blockoftheir Apoftacy in theway of the Saints of Decvent.Art. 5.p:266,267. God,clofing with the Truthwe have in hand. But forfuch as thefe we are (7e: no Advocates: let them goe to their owne placeaccording to the Tenor of the tiguments leuyed againft them from Heb.6.4. 2 Pet. 2. And other places. 4. i7. Moreover of thofe, who are Paid to believe; and to be holy really,and in theTruth ofthething it felfe; there are two forts. Firft fuch as having Heb.6.4. received fundry common gifts and Graces of the Spirit, as illuminationof isam.ro. io..the Mind, Change of affections , and thence Amendment of life, with 2 pet. 2.20. fo .rowofthe World, legall Repentance, temporary Faith and the like, which are 2 Got.7. to. all True and Reallin their kind, do thereby becomeveld/sin the great houfc Math.27.9,4. of God, being changed as to their ufe, though not in their Nature, con- Macke 3é .t7'. 62.zou' . tinuein Stone, andWood frill, though hewed and turned to the ferviceable 2 Kings to. nefle ofVeffels,andon that account are frequently termed Saints& believers. 16" On fuch as thefe their is a lower (and infome afubordinate)workof theSpirit Hof.6.4. 2 Tim.2: 20. effe&ually producing (in andon all the faculties of their Soules) fomewhat that is true, good, andufefullin it felfe,anfwering . in fome likenefle and futa- Ioh.6.34. , bleneffe ofoperationunto the great workeof Regenerationwhich faileth not. Alts 26.28. There is in themLight, Lave,7oy,Faith, Zeale, obedience6-c. All true in their Math. 7. 26, kind, which make many of them in whom they are, doworthily in their Ge 2. Revel.3.t. neration, howbeit they attaine not to the Faith of Gods Elea , neither Maeke.4.16. Both Chrift live in them, nor is the lifewhich theylead, by the Faith of the Sonne ofGod: asihall hereafter be fully declared. If ye now caflieere thefe from the roll ofthofe Saints and Believers about whom we contend, feeing