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felfe, fo anfwerablyofmore value andefleem unto you. Afence ofthe excellency andfweetneffe ofunchangeable Love, e-mplyingitfelfe in the Golden oyleof di- flinguifhingfpirituallMercies, isone letter of that new name , which- none can read, but he that bath it, The Series andChaimofeminent providences, where- byyou have been carriedon, andprotected in all the hazardous workeofyour Ge- neration, whichyour Godbath calledyou unto, is evident to all. Of your prefer- nationby the power ofGod throughFaith, in a coùrfe ofGofpell Obedience, up-. on the accountofthe immutability ofthe Love, and Infallibilityof the Promifes ofGod, which areyea and Amen in Jefus Chrift, your own Joule wonly poffefed with the experience. Therein is that abidingjoy, that fecret refrefment, white the world cannot give. That you and allthe Saints of God, may yet enjoy that Peace &Consolationwhich is in believing,that the eternal! LoveofGod is immu- table, that he is faithfull in his Promifes, that his Covenant ratified in thedeath ofhis Sonneis unchangeable, that the fruits of thepurchafeof Chr , fhallbe certainlybellowedon all themfor whomhe died, and that every one, who is real- ly interef%ed in thefe things,(ball be kept untofalvation, is the aymeofmy prefent plea andConteFL That Ihave taken upon me to prefent my weake endeavours in thiscaufeofGod, toyour Highneffe, isfofarrefort hfrom my perfwafion, ofoour Intere.flin theTruth contendedfor, (and then which, you have none fo excellent orworthy) that without it, no other confiderationswhatever, either of that Dig- nity and Power whereunto òfGod you are called, nor ofyour peculiarregard to that Society ofmen, whereofIam an unworthy Member , nor any other perfonaü ItefpeJs whatever, couldhave prevailedwith, or emboldenedme thereunto. Sani a fan&is. Thethings I treat ofare fucb, as fometimes none ofthe Princes ofthis .Worldknew, and asyetfewof themare acquainted with. Welled are they who- have theirportion in them. When theurgency ofyour High, and important Af- faires, whereinfo many Nations are concerned, willlendyou fomuch leafure, as to take a viewofwhat is here tendred, theknowledge whichyou haveofmee, willde- liveryoufroma Temptation, ofchargingany weakneffeyou may meetwithall,upon the Dorfrine which Iaffert andmaintaine. Andfo that may ruune andbeglori- fied, whatever become ofthe nothing that Ihave done,, in the defence thereof, I pall be abundantlyfatisfied. That is theSheildwhichbeingrafe, Ican withcon- tentmentfee thefe papers dye. Untoyour Highneffe, Ihave not any thingmore to adde: nor for you greater thing topray,.than, that you may be ellablifbed in the Afurance andfence, ofthat unchangeableLove , andfree acceptance inChrifl which i contendfor : and that thereinyou may be preferved, to the Glory ofGod, theAdvancement oftheGofpell, andthe Reall Advantageof thefe Nations, Your HighnelTe Mol} Humble, And molt Faithful! Servant, 10H.7\( OWE.91(m