Owen - BT200 O97 1684

Preface to the Reader. their Cent emplaticns by Fanoy and Imagination abov Scripture Revelation, (as many have done), they ha·ve darkned Connfel without knowledg, tltter- ..ing things .which they. underft.and not, mhich harr.;e ~·no fitbjf:mce or fpiritual food of Faith in them. HOJYBEIT, that real·vie"?v which UN may have of Chrift and his, GJory fr[this, World by fnith, however ?ltmk a:nfl trbfcure ' that ~ knowtedg which we .may attair1 of the;p by Divine Revelation, is inex.. preJ!ibly to be prefeired above all other Wifdom, ·un ~ , (ferflandi11g or Knowle~g ?vhatever. So it is declared by kir,r;, wb.a. 'J,J}ifl bepc~nmvlerlged a competent .1ud.g in ~befe thing!: Yea~doiibtlefs/{aith he){ I accom;t: all thefe things but lofs, for the. excellency of tHe lmowledg of Chrifr }efi1s my Lord. He ?vho dotb ?JOt fo, bath r;o pa1·t i?J him, ~ THE Revelation macle of Chrift in the bleffedGofpe.l, 15 far more ·excellent, more glo.riqr.ts, and more filled ?!Ji_tb. r.ayes . of Divine Wlfdom and. Goodnefs, than th.e whoie Creation; and the fu]l CQn:J}''ehenficn of it. if a.ttainab.le, c.an contain. or. aj]Qrd. Without t.he knowledg hereof, th~ mind of man, ,hvwe,.oer·pri-:- ~:l.ing. it felf in· ~tber. ht·vu1tions and Difl·o7xries, is ~rt~pp.ed up- in Darkmfs and Cory~ftrm. TBIS therefo~e ~le{erves th? flrr;e~efl of o~tr ThougJ:ns, the befl of Otfi' .Meditations, a:n4 ot~r. ·utmoft diligence in them. For if ou~· future ble)~erlmfs jh.aU conjifo in being. where be is.• and bebol~j ing of l1is .G)qry; ¥Jll.hat better Prep(trati1:n ctm ther~ be for it, than in t~ conJ~fl'!Jt previo!ls Cc'i}tempi(n'irm ·of th(?.t G!vry in . - 'tkt: