Owen - BT200 O97 1684

PREFACE TO THE RE AD ER: GhriG:ian R.eader , 'THE Defign of the enfuing Difcourfe, is to declare (ome part of that Glory of our Lord Jefus Chrift, which is revealed in the Scripture, and prcpofed as the principal Objeff of our Faith, Love, Delight and Admiration. But alas! after our utmoft and moft diligent enquiries, we muft fay, How little a portion is it of him, that we can underftand! His Glory is incomprehenfible, and his praifes are unutterable. Somethings an illuminated mind maj conceive of it; but what we can exprefs in Comparifon of whftt it is in itt [elf, ,is even lefs than nothing. But as for thofe who have forfaken the only true Guide herein, endeavour._ ing to be wife ~bove what is writte-n, and to raiji A j thllf