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o.n the Gloty of Chti[lo hHeiri fit at the feet bf Chrift .With Mary, wl~eri fhe chofe the better part, who like Martha are c,um.- bred about many things here in this world. Thbfe whofe principal defign is to add unto their prefeil£ _enjoymel1ts (in the tuidfi: of the pfofecutitirl Whereof, they' are cotnmorily taken .ftom thenl'; fo as that their thoughts do p·diili, becaufe not! accomplilhed) will never ,tinderfi:arid thefe thit1gs. Much lefs wi11 they do fo , whofe \trork it is rd make ptovifioh for the fteih to fillfil it in the lufts thereof. . . THEY muff make it theit defigti to be hea ... v_enly mi11ded , whd will find a tel~fh in thefe' things. Thdfe who are ffrangers t.1nto ltoly Medi.: tation in genetal, will be ftrange'rs imtd this My~ fierie in a peculiar manner. s 0 M E men can thin~ of the vV orld, of their Relations, arid the manifold OC€afions of life~ bt1f as unto the things that are above and wirhtri the vail, they are riot concerned in thern. . W IT H fome it is otherwife~ They ptofefi their defire to behold theglory of Chri.ft bj faith; but' they find it, as they eomplaid, too high at1d diffi- €ttlt fdr them. They ate at a lofs in their rninclsj and even overwhe'Im~d, wheri they begi~n to view his glory,. They are like the Difdples, who fawhim in his Transfiguration; they were filled wtrli amaze.: ment, and kriew not _what to fay; or faid they knew rtot what. A:nd I, do acknowledg, tha:t the_ weaknefs of our minds in the corn prehenfiort_ of , tliis Eten1al Glory of Chtifi:, arid their inftability irt Meditations thereon, when€e we eannot fted.; faftly look dry_ it, or behold it~ gives us an a:ffiieting abafing ~onfidetation of our prefent ftate ami F li ~ortd~