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that are in the [ea, a'nd all things in them heart! I Jaying, Blej]ing, and Honour, and Power, and Glory, be unto him that fits on the throne, and unto the Lamb for ever and erz.e. . · THE defign of this difcourfe is no more, but that when by faith we have attained a view of the glory of Chrift, in o~1r contemplations on his Perfon, we fhould not pafs it over as a notion of Truth which we affent unto, namely, that he is thus glorious in hiinfelf; but endeavour to atfeCl: our hearts with it, as that wherein our own principal intereft doth lie ; wherein it will be effectual tmto the transformation of our fouls into his imaQ"e. BUT fome it may ·be wJl fay,at leaft I fear fome may truly fay, 'I hat thefe things do not belong unto them , they do not find that ever they had any benefit by them: They hope to be faved as well as others by the mediation of Chrift ; but as lmto this beholdmg of hu glory by conftant meditation and actings of Faitp therein , they know no- . thing of it, nor are concerned .in it. The doctrine which they are taught out of the Scripture con- . cerning the Perfon of Chrift, they give their affent nnto; but his glory they hope they fhall fee in another world, here they never yet enquired after it. SO it wi1! be. It is well if thefe things be not only negleBed, becaufe the minds of men are catrnal, and cannot difcern fpiritual things ; but alfo defpifed, becaufe they have an enmity unto them. , It is not for all to walk in thefe retired paths. Not ·for them who are negligent and flothful , whofe 'minds are flarthly and carnal. Nor can they · hereiA ;