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there.in, fo as that there was no outward Appearance orManifeftation of it.The worId hereon was fo far from looking on him as the true Got!, that it btlieved him not to' be a good mctn. Hence they could never bear the leaft intimation of his Divine Nature, filppofing themfelves fecured from any ft1ch thing, becaufe they looked ori him with their eyes to be a man, as he was indeed, no lefs truly and really than any one of themfelve_s. Wherefore on that Teftimony given of himfe1f, Before .Abraham war , I am , which afferts a Preexiftence fi·om Eternity in another Nature than what they faw, they were filled with Rage, and took up.ftones to ca.ft at him, 1ohn 8. 58. And they give a Reafon of their madnefs, Joh. IO. 33· Namely, that he being a manfhould make himfelf to be God. T .his was fuch a Thing, they thought, as could never enter into the Heart of a wife and·fober man, namely, that being fo, own.. .ing himfelf to be fuch, he fhould yet fay of him.. felf, that he was God : This is that which no Reafan can comprehend, which nothing in Nature can parallel or illuftrate, that ~r.e and the fame Perfon fhould be both God and Ma.i\· ~.c~nd t.his is· the Principal Plea of the Socinians at this day, who through the Mahumetans fucceed ·unto the 1nvs in an oppofition unto the Divine Nature of' Chrift. BUT aU this difficulty is folved by the Glory o/ Chri.ft in this Condefcention ; for altho in hirnfelf, or bis own Divine Perfon, he was over all God blejfeJ for ever, yet he humbled himfelf for the Salvation of the Church unto the Eternal Glory of God, to