Owen - BT200 O97 1684

' ~ it was riot made of a _l¥oman; but of the fttbftatide of the Word. , 3. THERE was not in this CotJdefcention, the l<tait change ot alteration in the Divine Nature.- lf-.utiches and thofe that followed him of old, con. ceived that the two Natures of Chrift, ·the Divine .find humane , were mixed and compounded as -it were into' one : Atid this could not: be wit.ho.ut an Alteration in the Divine N amre , for .it Would be ma<;le to be effentially what it was · not ; for one Nar.ure hath but one and the fame Eifertce. · BUT as we f~id before ; al~ho the Lord Chrift _himfelf in !\is per.fon was made to be what he was _l)ot hef~re, in that our Nature hereby was made -to .b~ hjs, yet his Div.ine Nacure was not fo: Thett -isjn -it neither ruariablenefs no.r (hadow of ·turning. It abode the fame i11 him irt all its Effe.ntia,J P-ro.: 1>~~ties, Atlings, and Bleffednefs, as it was from ~Et~rnity'. tit neither did, atted, nor fuffered any -thing; "·but what. is proper unto the Divine· Being : The Lord Chrift did and fnffered many . ~hings in t~~oopeath,. in his <?~n per~on, by ~is ·~hUnl(lne · ·, Wherem the ·Dtvme .netther did, .~nor futfered any thing at ~ll ; qltho in the doing ·c;>f . Jth~m, bis Perfon be denominated . from that ·wa• tnre ; fo God purchafed his Church with his own blood, ACt. 20. 28. . . 4· lT may thert be faid , What did -the ~ord ..Chrift in this Condefcention with refpeet unto his Divine Nature? The Apoftle tells us, ·that ~e humbled himfelf,, and made himj'elf of no re,. · putation , Phil. 2. 7, . 8. He ~ valled the Glo- "' ·ry of his Divin• N'lture in.ours_, and what he-did · -·- - ... -· therei-n,