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- 84 Meaitationl and Difl:ourfes truly Got! from Eternlty : And to encreafe the , Wonder of this Myftery, becanfe it was nece[a.. ry unto the end he defigned, he fo humbled himfelf in this Affumprion of our Nature, as to make himfelf of .m reputation in this world ; yea, unto that Degree, that he fa id of himfelf, that he was a 'Jvorm and no man, in comparifon ~f them who were of any efteem. · VIE f:oeak of thefe things in a poor, low, broJI • l ken manner. 'J\7 e teacl:; them as t 1ey are revealed in the Scripture. We labour by Faith to adhere unto them as revealed. But when we come into a fieady, direCt view and co{lfideration ofthe thin!, it fel(,our minds fail, our hearts tremble, .and we can find no reft, bt1t in an Holy Admiration of what we ca!)nOt cpmpi·ehend. · Here we are at a lofs, and know that we !hall be fo while it we are in this World : Bnt all the ineffable Fruits and Benefits of this Truth_ are communicated unto them .that do believe. IT is with reference hereunto, that that great Ptomife concerning him is given unto the Church, Ifa. 8.. I 4· He [hall be for a Sanctuary ( namely, un· to a1l..that believe, <;IS itjs expounded, r · Pet. 2. 8.) .h:-t for a ftone uf flumbling, _and. a rock ol offence, even to them th,zt ftumble at the word, being difobe:- dient, whereuntv al/o ~t"hej were appointed. HE is herein a SanC!uary, an affi.1red Refuge unto all that betake themfelves unro him. \Vhat is it that any man in-diftrefs, who flies thereunto may look for in a San8uary? A fhpply of all his wants\ a Deliverance from all his Fears, a Defence againfi: all his Dangers, is propofed unto him there: in. Such.i? th~ Lord Chrift herein unto fin-diftreffed