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on .the Glory of Chrift. ftreffed Souls ; he is a Refuge unto us in all fpiritual diftre!fes and Elifconfolations, H i: b. 6. I 8. See the Expofition of ·rhe Place. Ar·e we or any ofus burdened with a fenfe of fin ? Are we perplexed with Temptations ? Are we bowed. down under the Oppreffion of any Spiritual Adverfa- ,r,y ? Do we on any . of thefe accounts walk in Darknefs and have no Light? One View of the Glory of Chrift herein is able to fi1 p port us and relieve us. UNTO Whom we betake our felves for relief in ~ny cafe, we have regard to nothing but their Will and their Power. If they have both, we are fme -of Relief. And What fhall we fear in the TiVill of Chrift as unto this end ? What wil.l he not do for us ? He who thus emptied and humbled himfelf, who fo ,infinitely condefcended from the Prerogative of his Glory: in his Being 'and fe]f-fiifficiency, ir=1 the Sufception of our Nature for the Dif- ~harge of the Office of a Mediator on our behalf; will he not :relieve us in all our Diftretfes ? T¥ill he not do a1l for us we ftand in need of, that we may be.eternally faved ? Will he not be a SanBuary unto us? NOR have we hereon any Ground to fear his Prnmr : .For by this Infinite Condefcemion to be a fuffering man, he loft nothing of his Power as God Omnipotent ; nothing of his Infinite \Vif· clom or Glorious Grace. He could frill do , all that he could do a& G0d from Eternity. lf there be any thing therefore in a Coalefcency of l1tfi.nite Power, with Infinite Condefcention, to conftJ.. nn:e a SanEtuary for diftreifed Sinners, it is aU in Chrift }efi1s. And if we fte him not glorious - ~ 3 ·· · here·