Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrijl. 87 Divine Perfon: Here Faith triumphs againfl them, it-finds that to be a Glpriotts SanBuary, which they cannot at all difcern. BUT ,it is not {o much the Declaration er Vindication of this Glory ofCbrifi:which I am at prefent engaged in,as an Exhortation unto the pra'flical Contemplation of it in a way of Qelievlng. And I know that among many this is too much neglected ; yea, of all the evils which I have fcen in the Days of my Pilgrimage now drawing to their clofe, there is none fo grievous as the PubJick contempt of the Principal Myfi:eries of the Gofpel an1ong them that are called Chrifi:ians. Relig~on in the P rofeffion of feme men is withered in its vital Principles, weakened in its Nerves ai1d Sinews, but thought to be put off with outward Gaiety and Bravery. · BUT my Exnortation is unto diligence in the Contemplation of this Glory of Chrift, and theexercife of m1r Th·~ '. ghts about ir. Unlefs- we are d1Iigent herein it is ~mpoflible we fhonld be_(feady in the principal A{!s of Faith, or rcarly unto the _principal rluties of Obedience. The Principe1l Afr of Faith refpeU:s the Di.-uirJe Pe1jon of Chriir, as all Chriftiansmuft acknowledg. This tve can ne~ ver fecurc (as bath been declared) if \Ve fee not his Glory in this C.cndefcention: A~1d whoever reducetb his Notions unto experience, will find that herein hi5 Faith fi:ands 01: falls. And the Prir;cipal Duty of our Obedietice) is felfde11ial, with readimjs for the Crofs. Hereunto the Confideration of this Condefcention of ·chrin is the Principal Evangelical Motive,an 1 that wherein to our Obedience in it is to be re'~olved, as the Apoftle declares1 9 4 l)hil.