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28 · MeditafiotJ.r and Difcourfts 1)/~d. 2. ,, 6, 7· And no man doth deny himfelfin <1 due manner, who cloth it not on the Confidera~ t i< n of thefelfdenial of the Son of God. But a ·)revalent Motive this is thereunto. For what are the things wherein we are to deny our felves, or torgo ·what we pretend to· have a Right imto ? Jt is in oui· Go,ods, our Liberties, our Relations, our Lives. And what are they, any, or all of 'rhem, in them(efves, or Unto US, confidering our . Condition, and the end for which we were made ? Periiliing things, which whether we will or no, \.vi thin a fe\y days death will give us an everlafl:- · ing feparatipn from. . Things under the Power of ~1 Feaver or an A(thma, &c. as unto our Intereft 1n them. But how incomparable with refpect hereqnto is that Condefcention of Chrift, whereof we have given an Account ? If therefore we find an unwillingnefs in us, a Tergiverfation in our ~nipds about thefe rhings when called unto them in a·way of Duty, one view by Faith of the Glory of Chrift ili this Condefcention, and what he parted from therein, when he made himfelfofno Eepmarion, will be an Effectual cure of that finJl11 Di!lemper. . · : HEREIN then, I fay, we may by Faith behold ~h~ Glory of Chrift, as we iball do it by SiJ!.ht hereafter. If we fee no Glory in it, ·if we difcern not that·which is matter of Eternal Admiration, v\e walk in darknefs. It is the mbft ineffable Effect ()f Divine Wifdon1 and Grace. Where are· O ' lr Hearts and Minds, if we can fee no Glory in 1t ? I know in the Contemplation of it, it will q nickly overwhelm our Reafon, and bring our Un.:. Herftanding into a lofs : But unto this lofs do I de4 · · . fire