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90 MeditationJ and Dfcourfes C HI A P. V. the G(ory of· C hri~ in his Love.· I N the Sufception and Difcharge ofthe Mediato- ':Y Office by the Son of God, the Scriptore cloth m oft eminently reprefent his Love, as the foie impelling and leading caufe tl1ereof, Gal. 2 . 20. 1 ]oh. 3· I 6. Rev. L). " HERE IN is he glorious, in a way anq Irlanner i ncomprehenfible: For in the Glory of Divine Love1 the chief Brightne[s of Glo~y cloth confift. There is nothing of Dr~ad or Terror accompanying it, nothing but what is amiable and infi~ nitely refre!hing. Now that we may tak~ a view of the Glory of Chrift herein by Faith, the N ature of it muft be enquired into. · .. r. THE Eternal D~pojing Caufe of the whole work wherein the Lord Chrift was engaged by rhe Sufceprion of this Office, for the Redemption and Salvation of the Church, .is the Love of the Father. Hereunto it is conftantly afcribed in the Scripture. And this Love of the Father acted it felfin his Eternal Decrees,before the foundation of the world, Eph. 1 ·4· and afterwards in the fending of his Son to render it effectual, Job. i· 16. Originally, it· is his Eternal Election C?f a Portion of mankind to be brought unto the enJoyment off1im- !elf, through the Myfiery of the Blood of Chrift, an j the Sanctification of the Spirit, 2 Thef i. I 3, 16. Epbef. I. 4, ), 6, 7, 8, 51· 1 Pet. I. 2. THIS