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on the Glory of Chrifl. 91 THIS Eternal AEf of the Will of God the Father, cloth not contain in it an actual Approbation pf, and complacency in the fiate and condition of thofe that are eleCl:ed ; bn t only defignet h that for them on the Account whereof, they fhall be ac... cepred and approved. And it is called his Love on fundryAccounts. I. BECAUSE it is anact fuited umo that glorious Exce11ency of hi's Nature, wherein he is Love; for God is Love, I John 4· 8, 9· And the firft Egrefs of the Divine Properties muft therefore be in an act of communicative Love. And whereas this Election being an Eternal Act of the Will of God, can have no rrwvi·ng; caufe but what is in himfe If , if we c<!>uld look into all the Treafi1res of the Divine Excellencies, we fhould find none whereunto it could be fo properly afcribed, as .unto Love. Wherefore, 2.. IT· is ftiled Lcve, becaufe it was free and tmdeferved, as unto any thing on our part. For whatever good is done unto any altogether .undeferved,if it be with a defign of their Profit and Advantage, it is in an Afl of Love, and can baYe no other caufe. So is it with us in refpect of Eternal Election. There was nothing in ns, nothing forefeen, as that which {rem our Jel-ves would be in us, that fhould any way move the \V ill of God unto this Election : For whatever is gocd in the beft of · men is an effe[t of it , Ephef: r. 4· vVbereas therefore it tends unto our eternal Good , the fpring of h muft be Love. And, 3· THE