Owen - BT200 O97 1684

on the Glory of Chrifl. ·. 95 of ·Grace gnd Glory, With hi's Acquidcency therein ; but there is more in the Love of Chrift. Forwhen he exercifed this Love, he. was man alfo, and not God only. And in' none of thofe Eternal Acts of Love could the humane Nature of Chrift h'ave any interefl: or concern; yet ' is the Love of the Iv1an Chrift Jefus, celebrated in the Scripture. I o. \VHEREFORE this Love of Chrift which we et)qnire after, is· the Love of his Perfon ; that · is, which he in his own Perfon acts in and by his Diftinct Natures accorping unto their diftin0: Effential Properties. And the aas of love in thefe diftinct Natures, are infinitely diftintl: and different ; yet are they a-1,1 ~as of one and the fame Per(on. So then, w,hether that Act of Love in Cb.rift which we would at any time confider, be an Eternal A a of the Divine Nature in the Perfan of the Son 'of God ; or whether it be an act of the Humane performed in time by the Gracious Faculties and Powers of that Nature, it is flill the Love of one and the [elf fame Perfon, Chrift 1ef us. IT was an Act ofinexpreffible Love in him that heaj]umed our Nat ure, Heb. :1. 14, 17. Butit was an act in and of his Divine Natu.re only : For it was antecedent unto the exiftence of his Humane Nature, which could not therefore concur therein. His laying d&wn his life for us, was an aa of inconceivable Love, I John 8. 16. Yet was it cnly an aCt of the Humane Nature wherein he offered himfelf and died. Bur both the one and the other · Were ACts.o( his Di.rvine Ptrfon · whence it is faid that God lai~ do~vn his life for'us, and purchafed the Church Wlth h1s own Blood. TH iS