Owen - BT200 O97 1684

~4: Meditations and Difcourfes conftiiuted. Unto the Divine Nature nothing is grievous, nothing is difficul~ But he was to ha\te another Natur~, wherein he was to undergo the difficulties of this way and work. It was. required ofbim,rhat he lliould pity us l1ntil he had none left to p!ty.-hi-mfe]f when he ftood in need bf ir · that he fhould purfue his delight td fave us; tinril his owo (o ul was heavv and forrowful unto death· that he fhould relieve us in our fr;tjferings by Ju/- fe t ing, the fame things that we lhould have done. But he Wo\S not in the leaft hereby de4 terred from undertaking this work of Love and Mercy for us : Yea his love rofe on this Propofal, like the Waters of a mighty Stream againft oppofirion. For hereon he fays, Lo; I cfJme to do thy '2vill, 0 God, it is my delight to do it, 1-Ieb; 1 D. i, 6, 7· Ifa. )O. 4;, 5, 6, 7· 8. BEING thus enclined, difpofed, and ready in the Eternal Love of his Divine f>erfon, to un4 dertake the Office of Mediation, and the work of our Redemption ; A body 2vas prepared for him. Iri this 13ody or Humane Natur~ made his O'JJ.m, he was. to make this Love effectual in all irs Jnclinarions and ACbings~ It was provided for him Unto this end, and filled with all Grace in a wav ti?Jmea{urable, elpecially with Fervent _Love unto Jv1ankind. And herebv it became a meet Infrru~ ment to act~1ate his Ete.. rnal Love in all the fruits of ir. 9· lT is hence evident, that this Gloricus Love_ of Chr~jt, doth not confift alone in the Eterru l .Arflngs ~f his di ·vine Perfon:, or, the Divine Nature in his Perfon, fuch indeed is the Love of the Father namely,his Eternal Purpofe for the c;otnmunication of