Owen - BT200 O97 1684

99 tha~ the Lord is Gracious. And if we find ilbt ~ relifh of it in our Hearts, w~ ili~11n 6t lonP." rera ili the Notion of if in our Minds. Chri ft is th~ Meat1 the Bread,the Food of our _Souls. Nmb ingis in hini ot arihight'r fpiritual nmirifhri1ef1t than -his L6v~·,. which we ibould always defire'. IN this Love is he Glorious ; for it is fud1 as rifi Creatures, Angels, or Men could have _the le8oft Conceptions· of, before it_~ Manifeftarion by tu Ef.; fects : And after its manifeftarion~ it is in ihi§ world abrolutely incom·p'rehenfihle. - •_J ,; l. CHAPi